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Who is a Wealth Manager?

Wealth Manager is a high level professional role that includes investment advice, retirement planning, accounting, tax service and financial advice. He/she has to determine the current income, tax and risk tolerance to develop a financial plan.

What does a Wealth Manager do?

A wealth manager is a financial advisor that looks more comprehensively at a multitude of investments outside the stock market. He/she helps the individual invest wisely. If someone is not retired, wealth managers discuss about their retirement plans and any other saving to fulfill their ambitions.


Wealth managers have to deliver a superb performance in the return and risk range agreed upon their investors. They have to manage the sheets of investors and consult them on the ways to build the assets. Other duties of a wealth manager are:
• Building partnerships and working with others
• Analyzing financial information obtained from clients
• Recruiting and maintaining client bases
• Contacting clients to check any changes in the financial status
• Communicating with internal and external clientele
• Monitoring financial market trends to make certain the response of the clients is positive
• Demonstrating business development and excellent sales abilities

What skills are required to become a Wealth Manager?

Some of the skills required to become a wealth manager are:
• Social skills to be successful in the field of wealth management
• Highly qualified in financial knowledge and advisory
• Nurturing relationships with clients
• Proficient in IT skills
• Make confident decisions and have a great understanding of the risks involved
• Problem solving skills
• High level of integrity

What are the career outcomes for a Wealth Manager?

If you are looking to make a career as wealth manager, take up a certification in wealth management for added advantage in the workplace. Following are the career opportunities for a wealth manager:
• Senior wealth manager
• Unit manager
• Branch manager
• Associate wealth management director
• Wealth management director

What is the average salary of a Wealth Manager?

The average salary of a wealth manager approximately is Rs 800,000 per year. It depends on the experience, company and skills. The highest paying skills connected with this profile are operations, CAPM and insurance.

What are the advantages of a Wealth Manager?

Advantages of a wealth manager for every business are:
• Develops strategy for a business
• Provides gap analysis
• Good at allocating assets and planning savings goals, retirement and tax optimization
• Appreciated by everyone he/she helps
• Offers access to portfolio valuations
• Helps make sense of confusing financial markets
• Proffers a comprehensive analysis of financial health

Which profiles can go for a Wealth Manager profile?

It is ideal for professionals and aspirants looking to gain in-depth knowledge of financial advice, tax services and legal planning.
• Customer relationships manager
• Insurance advisors
• Research analyst
• Finance professionals

Who can become a Wealth Manager?

Fresher - Fresher needs to start as an entry level position. Then this knowledge will help him/her determine what financial decisions to make and how to manage the assets and finances of an individual. After this, one can consider taking up a certification program in finance providing a much faster path to a high income.

Non Experience - If you don’t have experience in finance and wish to move to this domain, get certified in finance that covers portfolio management, financial advice, legal planning, etc.

Experience - Wealth managers must have at least bachelor’s degree. Besides this, they should have outstanding knowledge of business and finance. A certification in finance will give a big advantage over competition.

What is the eligibility of a Wealth Manager?

The minimum eligibility of a wealth manager is a bachelor’s degree in administration, investment analysis, business administration and similar field.

Why are candidates going for a wealth manager?

One of the fastest growing fields in the globe, Wealth manager’s demand is the highest. Many people from different background are getting into this field to be appreciated by everyone. It is a highly rewarding job with more and more people looking for the professional assistance of the wealth manager to protect their finances. One can stay ahead of competition by opting a right certification program or internship experience in finance.

Top recruiters who hire wealth manager

Prior experience

The recruiters look for exceptional understanding of financial planning, insurance and taxation techniques. Besides this, they look for strong analytical, communication and quantitative skills.

Key skills: Relationship management, equity, client handling, investment planning, financial services

Top companies who hire wealth manager

There are many renowned companies like HDFC bank, Ing vysya bank, india infoline and jp morgan looking for talents who have strong knowledge of financial products and confidence to communicate economic and market views with clients.

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