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Who is a Test?

Automation, Performance Testing and all other types
Which profiles can go for a Test?

test career

Who can become a Testing Engineer?

Fresher– If you are serious about a testing career, take a certification that enhances your value in the job market. Showing the certification in your CV will add weightage to your career.
Eligibility for a Testing Engineer profile
Testing engineers must have a degree in electronics or related field. However, the role is open from an array of disciplines like:
• Physics
• Chemistry
• Mathematics
• Computer science

Non Experience– If you want to become a testing engineer, you need to earn a bachelor’s degree in software engineering. You can also consider a professional certificate in testing that helps you to gain a grasp on testing tools like LoadRunner, WinRunner, etc.

Experienced professionals – A good tester should have basic knowledge of Linux commands and hands-on experience of automation tool. Besides, you must be comfortable working with other professionals and enjoy working with electronics and computers.

Why are candidates going for a testing engineer profile?

Testing is one of the essential parts in software engineering. Now testing organizations are hiring candidates who have testing knowledge of programming languages like SQL, BI tools and more. The demand for good testers is on the rise and having a knowledge in this area will add value for the testing professionals.
What do recruiters want in a test?

Recruiters look at the profiles of interesting professionals who can provide something more than a traditional candidate. They also look for certifications like ISTQB, which increase the worth in the job market.

Key skills: Database testing, Android, Test cases, ERP, SQL

Who are the top recruiters that hire testing engineers?

There are many popular firms like Gartner, Amazon, Google and Wipro that are hiring candidates having the ability to learn new things and keep up with the trends.

Recommended skills for Test Career

Data Insights
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