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Who is a strategy consultant?

A strategy consultant advises organizations or clients on high-level decisions, using industry expertise and knowledge to plan effective strategies for growth. It is a part of Management Consulting and is usually done at the highest-level of a company.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a Strategy Consultant?

The day-to-day activities of a Strategy Consultant are:
• Defining problems through team meetings, case analysis and management consultation
• Conducting research to design strategies
• Facilitating focused group discussions with supervisors and managers
• Identifying issues and solutions
• Managing projects and programs
• Attending regular meetings
• Pre-consulting work to redefine the scope of work

What skills are required to become a Strategy consultant?

You will need:
• Good communication skills
• Leadership
• Logical reasoning
• Ingenuity
• Ability to work with others

What are the career outcomes for a Strategy Consultant?

Following are the career options for a Strategy Consultant:
• Associate Business Development Consultant
• Global Business Strategy Manager
• Director, Business Development
• Sr. Director – Strategic Consulting

What is the salary of a Strategy Consultant?

The average salary of a Strategy Consultant is approximately Rs. 10-15 lakhs annually. This may vary depending on the qualifications of an individual, experience, company and location. You can improve your career with a certification in business strategy and business consulting.

Who can become a Strategy Consultant?

Non-Experienced professionals - One needs to have a bachelor’s degree in business, management or related field to become a Strategy Consultant. Next, gain experience by taking up an entry-level position in the same field. He/she can also go for a certification course that will help him/her cover topics connected with the knowledge of the industry.
Experienced professionals - Strategy Consultant needs to have a good experience. He/she has to build and maintain a strong client base. Some of the other skills require for this position are self-confidence, communication capabilities, analytical and problem solving.

What is the eligibility of a Strategy Consultant?

The minimum eligibility to become a Strategy Consultant is bachelor’s degree in business, management or related field. Besides, it also requires 3 years of experience in business and consulting strategy.

Why is there a demand for a Strategy Consultant?

There is a huge demand for a knowledgeable Strategy Consultant. Organizations are looking for people who have good business knowledge and understanding of opportunities digital can render in coming time. It is not going to lose its allure, as the need of consultant in public, private and consulting firms is evident.

Top recruiters who hire Strategy Consultant

Prior Experience - Recruiters look for decision making, problem solving and business skills while looking for a strategy consultant. The more experience you show, the better it will be.

Key skills: Business development, business analysis, Operations management, consulting, strategic planning, etc.

Top companies who hire strategy consultant

There are many companies like IBM India, Accenture, Deloitte, KPMG that are looking for talented candidates who have excellent skills and in-depth knowledge of company’s future concepts and real-life solutions.

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