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Who is a Sales Head?

A sales head strategizes to sell the company’s portfolio of products and services by implementing plans, analyzing data and mentoring the members of sales team. He/she supervises the task of managing a group of sales managers and contributes to the team effort by achieving related results as required.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a Sales Head?

Sales head is the conductor of company’s revenue engine. To understand the role of a sales head, it is important to understand the day-to-day activities and characteristics he/she embodies.
• Developing relationships with clients, peers and cross-functional counterparts
• Developing sales plans, tactics and profit targets
• Using data-driven reports to spur sales coaching sessions
• Working closely with the analytics department in processing relevant information and data
• Maintaining national sales staff by selecting, orienting and recruiting employees
• Establishing sales objectives by developing annual sales quotas for territories and regions
• Maximizing company’s profits

What skills are required to become a Sales Head?

You will need:
• Excellent communication skills
• Good negotiation and sales skills
• Empathy and able to understand customer viewpoint
• Budget and report writing skills
• Strong leadership skills
• Positive attitude
• Good management and delegation

What is the average salary of a Sales Head?

The average salary of a sales head is approximately is ₹ 20 – 30 Lakhs annually. This can vary depending on the organization, location and experience. The highest paying skills associated with this job are strategic marketing, channel sales and business development. You can improve your career with a certification in sales.

What are the advantages of a Sales Head job profile?

A sales head is responsible for organizing the sales strategies of a company and implementing a sales program. Some of the benefits of hiring a sales head are:
• Recognizes the traits of a good sales representative
• Motivates the employers to maintain a control over a department’s performance
• Creates projections for the coming year based on comprehensive observations of the marketplace
• Makes suggestions about potentially profitable new markets

Which profiles can go for a Sales Head profile?

Following profiles can go for a Sales Head profile:
• Sales Manager
• Account manager
• Strategic sales manager
• Product developer

Who can become a Sales Head?

Non – Experienced professionals
A position requires a high level of trend analysis and result tracking. One has to be strong with math, analytics and communication skills. Well! It also demands business sense and interpersonal skills. Taking up a certification program in budgeting, sales forecasting, personnel, recruiting and other areas can help candidates.
Experienced professionals
One needs to have an experience in recruitment and people management. Besides, managing a team of salespeople and making sure they spend some time and get to know one another. Overall, the best strategy to fit into this role is selling style that works and makes life easier for any sales head.

What is the eligibility to become a Sales Head?

The minimum eligibility to become a sales head is bachelor’s degree in business administration, marketing or related field. This gives an exposure in accounting, finance, economics and business. Moreover, a course or a certification in the related field can help the candidates learn advertising, budgeting and selling techniques.

Why are candidates going for a Sales Head profile?

With so many industries requiring a Sales Head, business opportunities are increasing through a variety of routes to market. One needs to meet specific requirements to excel in this career. People from different background are showing interest in this domain because of various opportunities. You need to go above and beyond to meet the expectation. Always remember, a sales head is a sales leader who inspires and pushes others to effectively contribute to the achievement of the overall company.

What do recruiters look in a Sales Head profile?

Prior Experience
The recruiters look for the candidates who are well informed about the business sense and the market. They also look for the skills in which the candidates are working like account management, sales management, etc.
Key Skills: Distributor, budgeting, relationship management, corporate sales, customer acquisition, marketing management

Top companies who hire a Sales Head

There are many companies like Reliance capital, Pidilite, HP, Café Coffee and Britannia which are looking for right candidates with skills like people management, market knowledge, a flair for sales, attention to customers’ needs, relationship building and more.

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