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What is a Project Coordinator?

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Who is a project coordinator?

Project coordinator is a person who is responsible for administering and organising all types of projects, from simple to complex ones. A project coordinator is usually assigned by a project manager to work closely with him/her in order to keep the project running smoothly and organised so that it meets the expected high quality standards.

What are the roles/responsibilities of a project coordinator?

The basic role of a project coordinator is to see that the projects are running smoothly and all activities are organised. Following are some of the common roles/responsibilities associated with a project coordinator:
• Organising, arranging and scheduling meetings between team members, teams, and between team members and clients.
• Creating project schedules and keeping records of project progress, budget and hours spent on project completion.
• Documenting all paperwork or any other information related to the project.
• Keeping the members of the project appraised with the current status of the project and all requirements.
• Working with the project manager to ensure the quality standards of the project and analyse risks and opportunities.

What are tools/skills associated with project coordination?

• Working knowledge of project management tools/software like Microsoft Project, Microsoft Planner, Basecamp, Trello and Primavera.
• Skilled in common software/tools like Microsoft Office Suite.
• Ability to create presentations, flowchart, schedules and step-by-step action plans.
• Good time management, organisational and multi-tasking skills.
• Clear communication abilities and strong teamwork skills.

What are the career outcomes with an experience in project coordination?

With experience in project coordination, a lot of opportunities will be open for you. Here are some of the opportunities that you can expect in the future:
• Project Manager/Project Leader
• Program Manager/Portfolio Manager
• Operations Manager
• Head of Projects/Director of Projects

What is the average salary of a project coordinator?

The average salary for a project coordinator is approximately ₹ 3.6 Lacs per annum, and with the help of experience or a certification, you can greatly improve your earning potential. Also, if you are a certified professional, you can have a better career progression as compared to someone who is not certified.

What are the advantages of becoming a project coordinator?

Project coordinator will act as the gateway for professionals who aspire to become project managers in the future and move further up in the professional ladder. Some of the other advantages of becoming a project coordinator are:
• With an exposure in project management, you can move on to managing projects on your own before moving on to become a project manager.
• Apart from project management, you can acquire a lot of different skills that will help you to be eligible for various different roles. This will give you the option to move on to a role of your choice.
• The job of a project coordinator is a challenging and fast-paced one, which makes it interesting for those who love learning new things and acquiring new skills.

Which profiles can go for a project coordinator role?

• Fresh Graduates
• Administrative Assistant
• Project Assistant
• Executive – Operations

Who can become a project coordinator?

Non-experienced professionals – If you are a professional with no experience in the field, it might be a bit difficult to get interview opportunities. Such candidates usually go for a certification course to acquire the required skills and knowledge.

Fresh graduates – Though it’s common for fresh graduates to start their career as a project coordinator, you can get better opportunities if you have are a certified professional.

Experienced professionals – When you have the necessary experience and skills, it is always easy to get the job you are looking for. With the right experience in project management, you can have easy chances of becoming a project coordinator.

Naukri Learning offers various online courses in project management which you will help you to enhance your career, get better job opportunities and a higher pay package.

What are the eligibility criteria for a project coordinator?

There are no fixed criteria for a project coordinator. However, any experience in the field can be a lot of help. Having a certification like Prince2 or PMP can also provide an added advantage to be successful in the field.

Why are candidates going for a project coordinator profile?

Project coordinators can have a good career path in project management with experience and skills. Some of the reasons why candidates are going for a project coordinator role are:

Fresh Graduates
As a fresh graduate, being a project coordinator can open up future doors of opportunities to become a successful professional in project management.
Project coordinator is a good profile as a fresh graduate and you can expect good career growth.

Administrative Assistant/Project Assistant- For administrative assistants and project assistants, being a project coordinator is one step forward in the career journey.
Usually, the average salary of an experienced project coordinator is higher than an experienced administrative assistant/project assistant.

Executive – Operations-
Professional from operations field can also move into project management if they have experience as a project coordinator. Usually, the career path in project management is a clear one and you can expect quick growths. This is why a lot of candidates want to become project coordinators to become successful in project management.

What do recruiters look for in a project coordinator?

Recruiters usually look for the following points while hiring a project coordinator:

Prior experience – Any prior experience in project handling or administration can make the recruiters interested in you. It is also great if you can have any transferable skills like communication and knowledge of project management tools.
If you do not have any prior experience, a certification can help pave a way to your dream of becoming a project coordinator.

Key Skills – requirement gathering, project planning, team coordination, resource planning, manpower planning and documentation.

What are the top recruiters that hire project coordinators?

There are a lot of companies that hire project coordinators to help their projects run smoothly and help project managers to function efficiently. Some of the top companies that hire project coordinators are JP Morgan, Amazon, Ernst & Young, Wells Fargo, and Godrej.

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