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Who is a product manager – cards?

A product manager – cards is a professional who is responsible for fuelling the growth of credit cards sales and improvement of its brand visibility. The professional is also responsible for training the employees on the credit card products.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a product manager – cards?

A product manager has to manage all responsibilities associated with the growth of credit cards. Some of the prominent roles of a product manager are:
• Taking ownership of the product (cards) and making strategic initiatives in line with overall business goals and plans.
• Delivering product innovations and enhancements with features to meet with the market demand and customer expectations.
• Troubleshooting product pitfalls and constantly evolving the offerings to meet with the changing market demands.
• Managing and training the product sales team to help them understand the features which will attract customers.

What are the skills required to become a product manager – cards?

As a product manager – cards one has to have a wide range of skills, which are outlined below:
• Strong knowledge of credit cards and their processes.
• Excellent marketing and product development skills.
• Good knowledge of business strategy development and execution.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
• Highly motivated and ability to handle change with ease.
• Advanced analytical and problem-solving skills.

What are the career outcomes of a product manager – cards?

With an experience as a product manager – cards, you can expect to get career opportunities in one of the following profiles:
• Senior Risk Manager
• Senior Manager, Products
• VP, Finance
• Chief Financial Officer/Chief Operating Officer

What is the average salary of a product manager – cards?

The average salary of a product manager – cards ranges approximately between ₹ 8 and ₹ 10 Lakhs per annum. The salary also varies according to an individual’s qualification, experience and the type of organisation. Generally, the career growth of a professional with a certification in business management or strategy has a better career growth than an uncertified professional.

What are the career advantages of a product manager – cards?

As a product manager – cards, you can have the following career benefits:
• You will have an extensive knowledge business process and product development, which is going to help you when you go for a better profile in the future.
• As a product manager – cards, you will be exposed to wide range of business aspects of the financial industry.
• Product management involves strategic planning and management, which is important for a CxO level position in the future.

Which profiles can go for a product manager – cards role?

• Bank Executives
• Sales Managers
• Finance Managers
• Business Analysts
• Marketing Managers

Who can become a product manager – cards?

Non-experienced professionals – To work as a product manager – cards, one has to have some amount of experience in the finance industry or product development. However, it may be noted that with the requisite skills through a certification course in finance or risk management, you can have a good chance of getting a job as a product manager – cards.
Experienced professionals – An experienced professional should have knowledge about credit cards and their processes. You can also boost your career with a professional certification course.

Naukri Learning offers a variety of online professional courses in risk management and credit risk to help you in your career growth and get better jobs.

What is the eligibility criteria to become a product manager – cards?

There is no fixed eligibility criteria to become a product manager – cards. Most product manager – cards have relevant experience in product development and business strategy. However, if you are someone who doesn’t have much experience in those areas, you can always go for a professional certification course to bolster your chances.

Why are candidates going for a product manager – cards profile?

There are many candidates who want to move to a product manager – cards position. Some of the reasons are mentioned below:
Sales Managers – If you are working as a sales manager in the financial industry and want to move up the professional ladder, product manager – cards is a great option. You can improve your salary and boost your skills.
Finance Managers – For a finance manager, the position of a product manager – cards is an important path for career growth.
Bank Executives – Banking executives can improve on their skills to move to a product manager – cards. They will have a better career growth and an improved salary.

What do recruiters look for in a product manager – cards profile?

Recruiters usually look for the following points while hiring a product manager – cards:
Prior experience – Recruiters prefer candidates who have prior experience like business strategy and credit card sales. However, if you can convince that you are skilled to work in that profile, you can have a chance of getting a job.
Key Skills – Product development, product management, business strategies, customer acquisition, consumer research, marketing, etc.

Who are the top recruiters who hire product manager – cards?

Many big organisations like to hire product manager – cards who can help the growth of credit card sales and business growth. Some of these top recruiters are ICICI, HDFC Bank, American Express, IndusInd and Axis Bank.

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