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What is a PR Manager?

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Who is a PR Manager?

PR Manager is all about managing reputation. He/she is concerned with helping a company or government agency mountain a positive public image. Public managers direct the creation of a material that will enrich the public image of their client. They also assist company’s executives and spokespeople.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a PR Manager?

Following are the duties of a PR Manager:
• Developing a media relations strategy and a marketing communication plan
• Directing social media team to engage audiences across new media
• Devising promotional and advertising programs
• Reviewing and supervising the activities of staff
• Managing media inquiries and interview requests
• Analyzing PR results on a quarterly basis
• Building relationships with thought leaders
• Writing press releases and information for the media

What skills are required to become a PR Manager?

• Ability to keep information confidential
• Be responsible and accurate with an attention to detail
• Strong research and communication skills
• Should be a confident presenter
• Self-motivated and professional approach to management
• A wide degree of latitude
• Excellent organizational and planning skills

What are the career outcomes for a PR Manager?

Following are the career options for a PR Manager:
• Communications manager
• Social media manager
• Marketing communications Manager
• Public Relations director

What is the average salary of a PR Manager?

The average salary of a PR Manager approximately is Rs 500,000 annually. This may vary depending on the qualifications, company and location. A marketing communication knowledge is connected with high pay for this job.

What are the advantages of a PR Manager?

The domain public relations deals with the relationships between companies and the public. Some of the advantages of hiring a PR Manager are:
• Brings valuable connections through client-related events
• Gives credibility to business
• Tells which marketing approaches reach your target
• Increases sales
• Great knowledge of the trade, industry or subject with which the company is concerned

Which profiles can go for a PR Manager profile?

• Copyrighter/blogger

• Brand manager
• Social media consultant
• Online community Manager
• Business owner

Who can become a PR Manager?

Non-Experience - If you are from a different background and wish to pursue a career as a PR Manager, take up a certification that will train you on the latest and most advanced techniques. An internship programs also help the candidates and make contacts with industry experts.

Experience - A public relation manager needs to have a bachelor’s degree in communications, journalism or related field. Certification is not mandatory, but it adds an advantage to your resume and shows your experience, competence and professionalism. Having strong communication skills and problem-solving skills will help obtain a job offer as a PR manager.

What is the eligibility of a PR Manager?

Public relation managers needs to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in communications, journalism or related field. The educational requirements may vary by specialization and industry. One can start with internship programs in the same field, then gain work experience in public relations, advertising or marketing fields.

Why are candidates going for a PR Manager profile?

PR Manager Role is in huge demand and trying to influence opinion and behavior. Experts get to work closely with an array of clients, managers and spokespeople at a senior level. The role also requires traveling domestic and internationally. If someone is really interested in this field and wants to enhance their skills, take up a certification program which will help him/her be job ready in the field of public relations.

What do recruiters look for in a PR Manager profile?

Prior Experience- The recruiters look for the candidates who are problem solvers and can influence others. Candidates should know the current business challenges and responsibilities to provide a strategic plan on how to solve it.

Key skills: Media relations, mass communication, Marketing communication, offline marketing, social media, digital content, etc.

Top companies who hire PR Manager

There are many companies like Accenture, Wipro, Hyatt Regency, Flipkart and Aon Hewitt that are hiring the right talents who know how to create and maintain a public image for their client and overall relationship with customers.

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