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Who is a Merchandising Manager?

Also known as purchasing manager, merchandising manager oversees the selection, promotion and sale of supplies in retail setting. He/she has to be savvy about the industry which includes new trends and sales reports.

What does a Merchandising Manager do?

A merchandising manager determines the best way to present goods at a store. He/she is also responsible for ensuring that the store is priced, stocked and presented well. Taking into consideration the goods merchandising manager have in stock, they do their best to meet the demands of the customers.


The retail industry is challenging so does the role of a marketing manager. He/she is responsible for coordinating, purchasing materials, products and services. Some of the other duties and responsibilities of a merchandising manager are:
• Identifying and working with reliable vendors
• Ensuring that the products appear in the right store
• Managing and validating model store program
• Supervising effectiveness of all merchant activities
• Planning budgets and presenting sales forecasts
• Gathering information on customer’s reactions to products
• Maintaining a number of contacts
• Maintaining a safe working environment

What skills are required to become a Merchandising Manager?

You will need:
• Self confidence
• Good communication skills
• Knowledge of raw materials
• Ability to work under pressure
• Computer literacy
• Sales experience
• Strong decision making skills
• Strong numerical and analytical skills

What are the career outcomes for a Merchandiser Manager?
Here are the options for a merchandising manager:

• Senior store manager
• Purchasing director
• Vice president merchandising
• Merchandising director

What is the average salary of a Merchandising Manager?

The average pay for a Merchandising Manager approximately is Rs 800,000 annually. However, this can vary depending on a variety of factors.

What are the advantages of a Merchandising Manager?

Merchandising is the arrangement of goods and services to make the experience of the customers attractive and satisfying. Some of the advantages of a merchandising manager are:
• Creates a high promotional event to drive in sales
• Supervises staff and provides exceptional trainings
• Increases profits
• Assess buyers’ performance
• Maintains high quality standards to maximize sales

Which profiles can go for a Merchandising Manager profile?

Following profiles can go for a merchandising role:
• Retail manager
• In-store merchandiser
• Customer relation staffer
• Sales professionals
• Store department leader

Who can become a Merchandising Manager?

Non Experience - One must have a bachelor’s degree in business, merchandising or related field to break into this field. He/she should have a knowledge of promoting the products and increasing sales. A professional can take the certification program which is specifically designed keeping in mind various areas like fashion, design principles, color theory, distribution and more.

Experience - Merchandising manager needs to be knowledgeable about goals of the organization. He/she should know how to maintain a budget while carrying out assigned duties that allow a successful firm. Besides, Merchandising managers have to be good at negotiation and able to anticipate the needs of the customers.

What is the eligibility of a Merchandising Manager?

To make a career as a merchandising manager, you need to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in merchandising or similar field. One can start with an entry level position by working under a leader or a manager. A successful merchandiser depending on the knowledge and skills should grow and meet all the requirements needed to be a merchandising manager.

Why are candidates going for a Merchandising Manager profile?

The market of merchandising is growing at a high rate. And this demand is attracting many a merchandiser to make a career in this field. There are many from different background desiring to gain some experience on which products to buy and appear them in store. Besides this, a certification program in merchandising gives a boost to the aspirants and help them to take benefit from this course.

What do recruiters want in a Merchandising Manager profile?

Prior Experience- Recruiters look for someone who has a talent for design, style and color. He/she should have effective communication and negotiation skills to get involved in merchandising projects.

Key skills: Production, retail, advertising, sales, operation, etc.

Top recruiters who hire merchandising manager

Shoppers stop, lifestyle, amazon, Hindustan coca cola and Aditya birla group are some of the organizations looking for talented professionals. They are looking for someone who can help solve the problems and develop new reporting tools to render better business visibility.

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