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What is Marketing Head or CMO?

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Who is a Marketing Head?

The marketing head of any organisation is responsible for managing all marketing activities and the implementation of short-term and long-term marketing plans. The head is also associated with the proper division of all marketing activities among all the teams present under him/her and managing the budget for marketing spends. Other roles include collaboration with other departments like sales, engineer, production, etc. to find out the best marketing avenues that will help the organisation as a whole and help in improving the sales numbers.

What does a Marketing Head do?

The role of a marketing head are not that rigid but there are some of the common responsibilities that are same across industries. Here are the most prominent responsibilities of a marketing head:

• Acts as the orchestrator of all marketing and communications activities of the organisations.
• Provide high-quality solutions to the company executives to handle any PR problems.
• Ensure that the marketing message that the business promotes is consistently positive and maintains a good brand image.
• Making long-term and short-term plans for marketing activities through various marketing channels.
• Carrying out competitor analysis to make sure that the marketing activities of the organisation remains competitive.

Skills required to be a Marketing Head

• Good knowledge of all marketing channels and activities.
• Excellent communication skills – verbal and written.
• Strong understanding of PR and marketing communications.
• Ability to lead the marketing teams.
• Understanding of sales and brand development.
• Skilled in various statistical and presentation tools.

What are the Career Outcomes after a Marketing certification?

Getting a certification can propel your career into new dimensions and you can expect any of the following career outcomes:

• Chief Marketing Officer
• Chief Executive Officer
• Director of Communications

What is the average salary of a Marketing Head?

The average salary of a Marketing Head is about ₹ 10 Lacs per annum and can go up to more than ₹ 30 Lacs per annum depending on the type of organisation. You can improve your chances of becoming a Marketing Head with a certification.

Which profiles can go for a Marketing Head profile?

Marketing Managers – As a marketing manager, a professional has the required skills and competencies to head the marketing department of an organisation. However, it can be difficult if you are skills are not impeccable. Thus, a certification or training course can help you to be proficient in that direction.

PR and Communications Managers – Professionals who are currently managing the PR and communications of an organisation can also go for a Marketing Head profile with the requisite skills in marketing. A training course can make you knowledgeable about the marketing channels and skilled in the area of communications.

Sales Managers – Sales managers can improve their marketing skills and other areas of communication to become marketing head. Getting trained or certified in the marketing and communication skills will help you in that direction.

Naukri Learning offers a variety of leadership, marketing and communication courses that can help you to be the perfect candidate for the position of marketing head.

Eligibility for a Marketing Head profile

Since the head of marketing is a senior-level position, the eligibility criteria comes to experience and skills. Other than that there are no specific eligibility criteria. A professional from any educational background can become a marketing head if he/she has the right skills, communication abilities and business understanding.

Who can become a Marketing Head?

Non-experienced professionals- Professionals who are not experienced in the area but have the ambition to become marketing head should gain the requisite skills and get the necessary experience in the field. You can take courses in marketing, business communications and other related areas.

Experienced professionals – With the required experience in marketing and communications, it would be easy for you to get a job.

What do recruiters want in a Marketing Head certification?

Recruiters usually look for the following areas while hiring a Marketing Head:

Prior experience – Any prior experience in the field can make the recruiters interested in you. It is also great if you can have any transferable skills like PR, communications and sales.

If you do not have any prior experience, a certification can help pave a way to your dream of becoming a marketing head.

Key Skills – MS Excel, PR, sales knowledge, corporate communications, and knowledge marketing channels

What are the top recruiters that hire Marketing Head?

Marketing Head is an important job position for any organisation. So companies tend to hire only professionals who are highly experienced and skilled for the position.
Some of the prominent recruiters that hire Marketing Head are Amazon, SAP, Airtel, Wipro, HCL and Cognizant.

Recommended skills for Marketing Head or CMO

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