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Who is a Manufacturing Engineer?

A Manufacturing engineer designs, coordinates and directs the manufacturing process of products at every level. He/she needs to develop and research tools, machines and equipment to integrate the facilities for producing quality product with optimum expenditure of capital.

What does a Manufacturing Engineer do?

Manufacturing engineers emphasize on the operation and design of integrated systems for the production of economically competitive products. He/she develops fabrication processes for various products. Some of the duties and responsibilities of a manufacturing engineer are:

• Direction and coordination of all the manufacturing process
• Calculation of the production cost and existing production resources
• Liaise with suppliers and customers
• Keep statistical and functional records
• Keep up to date with developing trends in the manufacturing industry
• Research new methods of manufacturing processes
• Work with other engineers like mechanical, chemical and electrical

What skills are required to become a Manufacturing Engineer?

Some of the essential skills of a manufacturing engineer are:
• System analysis and system evaluation
• Awareness of health and safety issues
• Good problem-solving and analytical skills
• Interpersonal and communication skills
• Negotiation and project management skills
• Good team management skills

What are the career outcomes for a Manufacturing Engineer?

Following are the career options for a manufacturing engineer:

• Operations engineer
• Industrial engineer
• Project engineer
• Senior project engineer
• Process engineer

What is the average salary of a Manufacturing Engineer?

A manufacturing engineer earns approximately Rs. 4 Lacs per year. The highest paying skills connected with this job are those which require skills like Autodesk, AutoCAD, PowerPoint, manufacturing process engineering and project management.

What are the advantages of a Manufacturing Engineer?

The opportunities in manufacturing engineering is huge and the profile also offers various career advantages, like:

• Highly valued benefits like medical insurance and retirement packages
• Demand for manufactured products continue to grow
• High job satisfaction and opportunity to learn new skills
• The educational attainment of the manufacturing workforce is increasing gradually
• High hourly wages

Which profiles can go for a Manufacturing Engineer profile?

Some of the profiles which can easily move to a manufacturing engineer position are:

• Chemical engineers
• Product engineers
• Electrical engineers
• Process engineers
• Design engineers

Who can become a Manufacturing Engineer?

Non-experienced professionals – In most cases, a bachelor degree in engineering is required to be successful as a manufacturing engineer. If you do not have the experience, you can opt for an entry-level position and gain experience, from where you will be able to progress to the next level. It is vital to have knowledge of various engineering procedures and functions.

Experienced professionals – An applicant can boost his career with a professional certification in manufacturing engineering and be an expert in areas like manufacturing process management, quality control, manufacturing systems operations and more.

What is the eligibility criteria for a Manufacturing Engineer?

The minimum criteria required for a person to become a manufacturing engineer is a degree in engineering. You can also start your career as an entry-level professional and learn about the technologies, techniques and tools on the job. A certification in manufacturing engineering or production can benefit you if you do not have the skills.

Why are candidates going for a Manufacturing Engineer profile?

With current economic growth, the demand for manufacturing engineers continue to rise. Skilled manufacturing engineers are proficient in eradicating wastefulness in production processes. Many companies struggle to find such kind of talent who would allow them to build a strong edge in the highly competitive market. So, these companies offer handsome packages to hire skilled professionals, which attracts candidates to go for a manufacturing engineering field.

What do recruiters want in a Manufacturing Engineer Profile?

Prior Experience – Recruiters focus on the top skills which are in demand, like technical knowledge, communication, critical thinking and interpersonal skills. Besides, someone who can identify faults, plan maintenance of equipment and keep statistical records enjoy an added advantage over other professionals.

Key Skills – Process management, continuous improvement, SMED, part modeling, production engineering, etc.

Top recruiters who hire manufacturing engineers

IBM, Cummins, Vivo, Larsen & Turbo and Hettich are some of the biggest companies who hire manufacturing engineers to help improve their production and manufacturing processes.

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