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Who is an IT Security Specialist?

An IT Security Specialist is a professional who has expertise in a computer network or IT infrastructure security. The person is responsible for designing, testing, implementing and monitoring security measures for a company’s computer network systems. The IT Security Specialist is the one who maintains the security of the information or data in the network systems of an organisation.

What are the roles/responsibilities of an IT Security Specialist?

The basic role of an IT Security Specialist is to maintain the computer network system from external threats. Some of the common roles and responsibilities that are handled by an IT Security Specialist are:
• Protects the computer network systems by defining user access, control structures and resources.
• Recognises any anomalies in the system and reports any violations.
• Upgrades the computer network system as and when required.
• Implements security upgrades as per the latest industry standards and anticipates requirements.
• Keeps informed on the latest trends in security technologies by attending workshops and reviewing the current scenario in the industry.

What are the skills/tools associated with IT Security Specialist?

If you want a successful career in IT Security, the following skills are required:
• Strong knowledge of IT infrastructure related to security which includes hardware, software and networks.
• Ability to identify any vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the IT system.
• Advanced analytical and logical reasoning skills.
• High attention to details and provide solutions to problems with ease.

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What are the career outcomes after an IT Security certification?

• IT Security Manager
• Security Consultant/Senior Security Consultant
• Security Solutions Architect
• VP, IT

What is the average salary of an IT Security Specialist?

The average salary of an IT Security Specialist is around ₹ 7.8 Lacs per annum. Generally, a certified IT Security Specialist has a quicker career progression as compared to a non-certified professional. The salary may vary depending on qualification, experience and organisation.

What are the advantages of becoming an IT Security Specialist?

IT Security Specialists play an important role in any organisation as the security of information and data is of utmost importance. Apart from the reputation, there are a lot of advantages in becoming an IT Security Specialists like:
• As the person responsible for maintaining the security of the company’s network system, you will be handling a lot of challenges which will help you grow as a professional.
• There is a need for IT Security Specialist in a wide variety of industries and so, you will get the chance to work in different work environments. This will help you in becoming a flexible professional experienced to work effectively regardless of the work environment.
• IT Security Specialists enjoy attractive salary packages and other incentives as compared to a number of other IT job profiles.

Which profiles can go for an IT Security Specialist position?

• Network Administrators/System Administrators
• IT Security Analysts/Junior SOC Analysts
• Networking Engineers
• Software Developers/Engineers
• System Analysts/Web Analysts

Who can become an IT Security Specialist?

Non-experienced professionals – If one does not have experience in the networking or security, recruiters are less likely to hire such professionals for an IT Security Specialist position. Hence, they can take up a certification course to gain the required skills and hands-on experience.

Experienced professionals – As an experienced professional in the field of computer networking security, it would be easy for you to get opportunities to become an IT Security Specialist.

Naukri Learning offers a variety of online networking and IT Security courses which will help you to boost your career, get better jobs and receive higher salaries.

What is the eligibility of an IT Security Specialist?

There are no fixed eligibility criteria to become an IT Security Specialist but an experience in networking or IT security is necessary. Most of the IT Security Specialists are from a computer science engineering background or have been trained in network and system security. Also, if you have a certification, you will have an added advantage over non-certified professionals.

Why are candidates going for an IT Security Specialist?

For professionals who want to switch to an IT Security Specialist job, the interest lies in the attractiveness of the work and the challenges that come with it. There are other reasons mentioned below that tempt candidates to become an IT Security Specialist:

Network Administrators/System Administrators/Networking Engineers – The career growth in network administration or networking is a bit constant and there is a lot of competition in the industry. IT Security Specialists require some knowledge and experience in networking and so candidates can switch to this field to improve their career. The salary also improves with the profile as companies like to hire certified professionals by providing them with attractive packages.

IT Security Analyst/Junior SOC Analyst – When it comes to IT Security, IT Security Analyst and Junior SOC Analysts are the entry-level positions. Therefore candidates in those profiles try to improve their career by switching to IT Security Specialist position with the help of a certification. The average salary for an IT Security Specialist is also a lot higher as compared to these profiles.

Software Developer/Web Analyst – Most of the software developers and web analysts have similar skills set and this creates a lot of competition in the market. However, there the percentage of professionals having skills for an IT Security Specialist profile is very less. Hence, it is easy for those professionals to get a dream job in one of the top companies. The career growth and average pay package are also better for IT Security Specialists as compared to Software Developers or Web Analysts.

What do recruiters look for in the candidature of an IT Security Specialist?

Recruiters usually look for the following points while hiring an IT Security Specialist:

Prior experience – Any prior experience in the field can make the recruiters interested in you. It is also great if you can have any transferable skills like networking, problem-solving and logical reasoning.

Key Skills – Information security, network monitoring, SOC, risk assessment, firewall, anti-virus, and data loss prevention.

Which are the top recruiters that hire IT Security Specialists?

IT Security Specialists are hired by various reputed organisations across different sectors and industries. Some of the top companies that hire IT Security Specialists are IBM, Amazon, Oracle, HP, McAfee, SAP Labs, and Accenture.

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