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What is Investment Banker?

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Who is an Investment Banker?

An investment banker is a person who works in a large bank’s division to serve as a middle-man between investors and organizations to raise capital through the issuance of new stock. He/she can save the firm by identifying risks associated with a project before the firm moves ahead.

What does an Investment banker do?

An investment banker helps organizations raise money by preparing all the necessary documents and provides strategic advice on transactions, brokerage services, research management and forex services.

What is the role of an Investment Banker?

Investment bankers play a great role in issuing bonds and services. The job role includes:
• Serving as a facilitator between an organization and investor when the firm wants to issue bonds or stock
• Helping the client with putting together a confidential information memorandum
• Conducting research and valuation to execute finance deals
• Suggesting investment opportunities
• Managing IPOs and private equity placements
• Analyzing risks and offering financial advice
• Preparing forecasts, models and reports

What are the skills required to become an Investment Banker?

Some of the skills that companies look for in a potential employee are:
• Grasping and learning new concepts quickly
• Analyzing large amounts of information efficiently
• Excellent communication skills
• Working under pressure
• Ridiculously driven

What are the career outcomes for an Investment Banker?

Following are the career options for an investment banker:
• Commodity broker
• Investment fund manager
• Investment analysis
• Analyst
• Account manager
• Managing director

What is the average salary of an Investment Banker?

One of the highest paid professionals, Investment bankers earn an average salary of Rs 737341 annually. Besides, bonuses are strongly driven by exceptional performances.

What are the advantages of an Investment Banker?

There are five reasons why investment banking is the top most choice among others:
• Offering a range of roles and specializations
• Encouraging graduates to climb the career ladder
• Paying well even at graduate level
• Professional training and development opportunities
• Offering a chance to travel and work abroad

Which profiles can go for an Investment Banking profile?

An investment banking profile is perfect for:
• Business analysts
• Commerce graduates
• Software developers
• Graduates
• MBA students looking to strengthen their knowledge of finance

Who can become an Investment Banker?

Fresher - If you don’t have a degree in finance, you still have the chance to get into the investment banking sector. Take up a certification that sets you apart from the competition and adds weightage to your CV. The preparation of the exam is self-study, you can do from the comfort of your own couch.

Non experience - If you are planning to build a career in investment banking, start with introductory courses in finance that can interest you the most. You will gain an in-depth knowledge of finance to succeed in today’s business environment.

Experience - An investment banker needs to characterize the areas that may help in the acquisition of skills. A strong knowledge of mathematics, economics and finance is required to create new and innovative solutions.

What is the eligibility for an Investment Banker?

A bachelor’s degree in finance or related field is required to become an investment banker. There are many courses that can cover concepts from mergers and acquisitions to financial accounting.

Why are candidates going for an Investment Banker profile?

One of the sought-after job fields, Investment banking prepares you for several different career paths. Bankers are never out of demand in a fast paced economy like today. Investment bankers are characterized by their ability to work long hours and gain information at a great pace. If you are coming from a different background, you can start with a short term program in finance that provides a thorough understanding of capital markets, mergers & acquisitions and financial instruments via videos. There are other certifications as well that help in introducing the candidates to various aspects of trading, financial market, risk, etc.

What do recruiters want in an Investment Banker profile?

Prior Experience - Recruiters look for key details like experience, promotion history, accomplishments and responsibilities when assessing investment banking CV. They also look on the skills like analytical thinking, interpersonal, and risk management techniques.

Key skills: Data analysis, business development, mergers and acquisitions, research business analyst, Quantitative modelling, etc.

Top recruiters who hire investment banker

Goldman Sachs, J.P Morgan, Allegis Group, Greenhill, Bajaj Capital are looking for investment bankers who have excellent analytical and numerical skills. To be successful in this position, one needs to have a passion to present analysis to business, ability to multitask and produce business.

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