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Who is a fashion designer?

A fashion designer is someone who creates clothes, footwear and accessories. He/she must have an artistic personality and able to express superb ideas in sketches. There are some designers who take more interest in creating handbags, hosiery, belts, etc. A fashion designer makes prediction of future trends and does every research to bring fashion to public.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a Fashion Designer?

Fashion designers design clothes and accessories for people of all ages. As a successful designer, these are the key responsibilities:
• Analyzing design from the fashion perspective
• Developing pattern that is sewn into sample garments
• Visualizing a designing concept as per the upcoming fashion trends
• Interacting with management executives to discuss design ideas
• Adapting existing designs for mass production
• Managing business activities
• Identifying target markets for designs
• Negotiating price with customers and suppliers
• Searching, selecting and purchasing fabrics

What skills are required to become a Fashion Designer?

If you are looking to make a career in fashion designing, enrich your skills by taking the best certification course in fashion designing. You will require:
• Team working skills
• Good eye for detail
• Good communication skills
• Organizational and time management skills
• Basic art skills
• High self-confidence
• Sense of creativity for designing fashionable stuff
• Keen observation for determining colors
• Negotiation skills

What are the career outcomes for a Fashion Designer?

If you are thinking of a career as a fashion designer, following are the career options you can look out for in the world of fashion designing.
• Merchandiser
• Designer
• Assistant merchandiser
• Merchandise manager
• Product developer
• Fashion account executive

What is the average salary of a Fashion Designer?

The average salary of a fashion designer approximately is Rs 360,000 annually. It varies depending on the experience, organization and qualifications. The highest paying skills associated with this role are adobe illustrator, fashion designer, etc.

What are the advantages of a fashion designer?

Fashion designing is an art of adding beauty to clothing and using certain accessories for a complete look. Some of the advantages come into play for those looking to make a career in fashion designing are
• An absolute satisfaction seeing others liking your clothes
• Good and consistent income
• Hard work pays off
• Promising career
• A lot of travel opportunities in many places in the world
• Meeting new and different people

Which profiles can go for a Fashion Designer profile?

• Fashion designer
• Students
• Apparel merchandiser
• Accessory designer
• Professionals working in textile industry can move ahead in this career

Who can become a Fashion Designer?

Fresher- If you have a great sense of personal style and want to make a career in fashion designing, take up a certification course to build up your portfolio and become known in the world of fashion.

Non Experience- If you aren’t from fashion background, you have to develop skills in visual arts, graphic design and general design to excel in fashion industry.

Experience- Work experience in a design studio is important to succeed in this industry. Moreover, a range of skills like technical drawing, graphic design and illustration techniques will be added advantage for your growth.

What is the eligibility of a Fashion Designer?

A diploma or degree in fashion designing or related field is required in order to become a fashion designer. One can enhance his/her skills by opting one of the best certification programs in fashion designing. This will cover combining textiles, sketching, drawing, etc.

Why are candidates going for a Fashion Designer profile?

There is a huge demand for fashion designers all over the world. Internships or certifications provide fashion designers an opportunity to build the knowledge of colors and select fabrics or accessory. It is indeed one of the most exciting and appealing fields in today’s world. And making a career will open up a door to fame and a high pay package.

What do recruiters look for in a fashion designer profile?

Prior experience- Recruiters look for talented people who keep up to date with fashion trends relating to pattern and colors. Besides this, someone who has great negotiating skills with suppliers and customers.

Key skills: Design, merchandising, clothing, Photoshop, illustrator, fashion design, etc.

Top companies who hire fashion designer

Companies like Raymond, NSL fashion, Vishal fashion pvt ltd, Myntra and many more are looking for designers who focus on buying fabrics, detailing and other business activities.

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