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What is Ethical Hacker?

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Who is an ethical hacker?

An ethical hacker is a computer expert who attempts to search for any weak point that can be exploited by malicious hackers. He/she is hired to hack into a system to find potential vulnerabilities and valuate the security of a system’s infrastructure. He/she is sometimes called as a white hat hacker for his/her good performance.

What does an ethical hacker do?

An ethical hacker performs penetration testing and documents, researches and discusses the methods with the management and IT teams. Ethical hackers also design a plan of attack that can includes system vulnerabilities and social manipulation. Working as an ethical hacker is one of the most interesting jobs in cybersecurity. Let’s have a look at the duties of an ethical hacker:
• Using the tools for legal purposes
• Researching the intended target through dark-web channels
• Evaluating and analyzing the effectiveness of existing security measures
• Performing security assessment for internal and external vulnerabilities
• Identifying and exploiting other business developments for clients
• Generating high quality deliverables
• Making sure that the work in process is controlled
• Conducting source code review using manual and automated approaches

What are the skills required to become an Ethical Hacker?

Skills you will need to get an ethical hacker job done are:
• Strong programming and networking knowledge
• Experience of identification mitigation of vulnerabilities
• Knowledge of industry standards and framework
• Proficient in the basic commands used in Linux
• SQL skills are essential
• Problem-solving skills
• Integrity and honesty
• Hardworking and positive attitude

What are the career outcomes for an Ethical Hacker?

Following are the career opportunities for those looking to build a career as an ethical hacker:
• Fraud analyst
• Ethical hacking manager
• Vulnerability tester
• InfoSec auditor
• Cybersecurity manager

What is the average salary of an Ethical Hacker?

The average salary of an ethical hacker approximately is Rs. 3.5 Lacs per year. Strong technical and communication skills can influence a professional’s earning potential. Also, if you have a ethical hacking certification, you can expect a good career growth than a non-certified professional.

What are the advantages of an Ethical Hacker?

The rise of ethical hackers in many industries is due to growing number of threats in computer systems. Some of the benefits of an ethical hacker are:
• Safeguard user and customer information
• Fighting against cyber-terrorism and national cybersecurity breaches
• Create cybersecurity awareness at all levels in a business
• Manage adequate preventive measures to avoid security breaches
• Prevent malicious hackers from gaining access

Which profiles can go for an Ethical Hacker role?

The following profiles can easily switch to an ethical hacking role:
• Security Consultants
• Security Auditors
• Network Architects
• System Analysts
• Technical Support Engineers
• Security Administrators

Who can become an Ethical Hacker?

Non-experienced professionals – If you are from an IT background and desire to prevent malicious threats, you can become an ethical hacker by gaining requisite programming knowledge. Besides, you need to have a good understanding of the various operating systems. You can also take up a professional course in ethical hacking which will help you to increase your knowledge and improve your chances of getting a job.

Experienced professionals – An ethical hacker should have good communication, analytical and problem-solving skills. At the same time, an ethical hacking certification can support your position as an expert. You should be well-versed in some of the popular programming languages like Python, Java, C, C++, etc.

Naukri Learning offers a plethora of online professional training courses in ethical hacking which can help in boosting your career and getting better jobs.

What is the eligibility of an Ethical Hacker?

There is no such specific eligibility requirement for an ethical hacker. All you need is good programming skills and a passion to succeed. It is a profile which requires networking, coding, computer hardware and server-side scripting knowledge.

Why are candidates going for an Ethical Hacker profile?

Ethical hackers are in high demand and many IT companies offer them handsome salaries as compared to other profiles. Since there is no eligibility requirements from academic point of view, anyone with a knowledge in networking or programming can become an ethical hacker. However, having a degree in computer science or IT can be beneficial. With the growing number of threats, the need for ethical hackers is expected to further grow by 2025.

What do recruiters want in an ethical hacker?

Prior experience – While hiring any candidate, recruiters usually look for the following indicators — skills, education and total years of experience. For an ethical hacker position, recruiters specifically measure a candidate’s knowledge in web applications, database, intrusion and programming.

Key skills – programming skills, OS knowledge (Windows, Linux and Mac), Firewall, IT security, information security, network infrastructure, etc.

Top recruiters who hire Ethical Hackers

Companies like Wipro, IBM, Deloitte, Microsoft, Philips AND Xerox are some of the biggest names that hire ethical hackers, having good programming knowledge. You can improve your chances of working in one of those companies by gaining skills through a professional ethical hacking certification course.

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