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What is Business Head?

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Who is a business head?

A business head is a professional who is responsible in overseeing a particular business in an organisation. There are usually more than one business heads in organisations having different business verticals.

What are the roles & responsibilities of a business head?

The role of a business head is multi-faceted and some of the common ones are outlined below:
• Managing and overseeing the overall functioning of the managers associated with a particular business.
• Ensuring that the employees are working in tandem with the company’s rules and regulations.
• Monitoring and evaluating the performance of all the teams like marketing and sales.
• Responsible for achieving the business goals.
• Responsible for handling all the key clients.
• Presenting business performance reports to the senior executives.

What are the skills required to become a business head?

To have a successful career as a business head, you should have the following skills:
• Excellent leadership and team management skills.
• Strong delegation skills and highly-drive to achieve success.
• Good understanding of the business processes.
• Advanced analytical and problem-solving skills.
• Excellent communication skills (verbal and written).

What are the career outcomes of a business head?

With experience as a business head, you can expect the following career outcomes:
• National Head – Marketing or Sales/Global Head – Marketing or Sales
• Chief Operating Officer
• Chief Executive Officer

What is the average salary of a business head?

The average salary of an entry-level business head is approximately ₹ 7 Lakhs per annum, while a mid-level professional earns around 10 Lakhs per annum. A senior-level or experienced business head earns on an average about ₹ 20 Lakhs per annum. The salary may also vary according to the individual’s experience, qualification and the type of organisation he/she is working with. Generally, a professional who has a certification in business development or business analytics can have a better career growth as compared to a non-certified candidate.

What are the career advantages of becoming a business head?

As a business head, you will get good experience which can help you in the future. Some of the career benefits of becoming a business head are:
• With the amount of experience you will gain as a business head, you will be able to understand the various business processes to move to the next professional level.
• The work associated with a business head is often challenging and you will learn how to work within deadlines and manage time efficiently.
• As a business head has to manage different teams simultaneously, one can have a good experience in team management and leadership skills.

Which profiles can go for a business head role?

• Business Managers
• Marketing Managers
• Product Managers
• Sales Managers
• Project Managers

Who can become a business head?

Non-experienced professionals – For the position of business head, a certain amount of experience in handling teams or businesses is required. However, if you have the skills and is looking to switch to a business head position, you can go for a certification course in business development.
Experienced professionals – Experienced professionals are expected to have some amount of experience in team management and business development. You can also boost your skills with the help of an online training course.

Naukri Learning offers a variety of online professional courses in business development which can help you to boost your career, get better offers and improve your salary.

What is the eligibility of a business head?

There is no fixed eligibility to become a business head. However, you need to have experience in handling teams, meeting with clients and developing the business. You can get those skills with the help of a professional training course in leadership and team management.

Why are candidates going for a business head profile?

Business Managers – For business manager, the position of business head is a step up in their professional life and they have the chance to move further up in the hierarchy. The average salary of a business head is also higher than compared to a business manager.
Marketing Managers/Sales Managers – Most marketing managers and sales managers want to improve their position by boosting their skills. The position of a business head can help them get better salaries and also act as a gateway for further professional improvements. This is why many marketing managers and sales managers look to go for a business head profile.

What do recruiters look for in a business head candidate?

Recruiters usually look for the following points while hiring a business head:
Prior experience – Recruiters love professionals who are already experienced, but that is not the only criterion. If you are skilled, have the knowledge and ability to work as a business head, you just need to convince the recruiter. For that, you can go for a certification course in business development.
Key skills – Team management, business development, business strategy, business expansion, revenue generation, marketing, sales, etc.

Who are the top recruiters that hire business heads?

There are various big organisations that hire business heads to improve their revenue and expand their businesses. Some of the top companies are Lifestyle, Reliance Industries, Oracle, Godrej, and Wipro.

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