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What is a brand manager?

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Who is a Brand Manager?

A brand manager oversees marketing activities and monitors market trends to ensure that the right message about the product and service is delivered to the right audience. He/she is responsible for the image of a product or the organization. No matter how successful the product is, brand managers have to stand out from the competitors and create a long lasting impression among customers.

What is the role of a Brand Manager?

Brand manager is responsible for maintaining an integrity across all the marketing initiatives. Some of the other activities that are part of the brand manager’s profile are:
• Managing the budget for promotional teams
• Protecting the brand
• Coordinating many marketing agencies
• Making important business decisions
• Analyzing sales forecasts and relevant financials
• Conducting consumer and market research
• Anticipating consumer trends
• Keeping brands up-to-date
• Designing a research based brand strategy

What are the skills required to become a Brand Manager?

A brand manager requires the following skills:
• A strong focus on results
• Strategic creativity
• Digital asset management
• Quantitative reasoning
• Determination and perseverance
• A good understanding of brands and marketing

What are the career outcomes for a Brand Manager?

If you are a fast thinking person with leadership skills, you may be a right fit for a career in brand management. Let’s take a look at the best job titles that best fit your personality.
• Marketing research supervisor
• Product development manager
• Media director
• Public relations manager
• Market analyst

What is the average salary of a Brand Manager?

The average salary of a brand manager approximately is Rs 900,000 per annum, depending on the organization, industry and years of experience.

What are the advantages of a Brand Manager?

To help you decide, brand management path is one which you should opt, we have compiled a list of the benefits of being a brand manager.
• Increases brand awareness and loyalty
• Projects an image of a large and established business
• Earns relatively high salaries
• Works on scores of activities like products, distribution and activities
• Learns valuable skills which they can use in the future roles

Which profiles can go for a Brand Manager profile?

Following professionals are the best suited to become a brand manager:
• Media relations representative
• Blogger
• Marketing manager
• Business owner
• Online community manager
• Social media consultant
• Fresher

Who can become a Brand Manager?

Fresher- Firstly you need a degree in marketing or else work as management trainee for six months before being promoted to the next level. You can also develop your understanding about brand management by taking a certification in product or brand management.

Non Experienced professionals – If you have no experience in brand management, gain a knowledge in market research, finance and consumer behavior. You can take the career to the next level by taking up a certification in brand management that will help you to evaluate marketing strategies and lead campaigns to success.

Experienced professionals – Brand managers must be able to boost market share and develop relationships with customers. They need to adapt brand marketing strategies and require good leadership and social skills. Besides, a brand management certification will be an added advantage.

What is the eligibility of a Brand Manager?

One needs a bachelor’s degree in business, communications, marketing or related field to become a brand manager. Many organizations look for a master’s degree in business administration. A few positions require at least 3 years of work experience in this field.

Why are candidates going for a Brand Manager profile?

There is a huge demand for a brand manager to craft business plans and submit them to higher authorities. They focus on a sales-volume report and dream big. Firms today are looking to increase sales by hiring the candidates that are best in the industries. Many profiles from different sectors can pursue a career as brand manager. They need to enroll in an online program that includes a thorough understanding of the concepts, terminology and principles in brand management.

What do recruiters want in a Brand Manager profile?

Prior experience

They look for leadership, decision making ability, creativity and analytical skills. Moreover, candidates who have at least degree in business or related domain. The more experience you show, the better it will be.

Key Skills: Media planning, marketing, digital marketing, social, offline marketing

Top recruiters who hire brand managers

Nearly all the companies need brand managers for a robust brand management. Some of the top recruiters are Amazon, Loreal, Ernst & young, Accenture, Hindustan Coca Cola, and many others. Brand managers must have excellent written and verbal communication skills along with an in-depth knowledge of the organization’s current products and future concepts.

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