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Who is an Android developer?


An android developer is a software developer proficient in creating software applications for mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets, which run on the Android operating system. The android development process involves creating software code, implementing backend services, and testing the application on mobile devices.


Android development is widely used by companies to reach the maximum number of people through Google Playstore.  The android operating system is used in Google devices and other OEMs.


How to become an Android developer?


To become an Android developer, you must have a bachelor's degree or diploma in Computer Science or training in the technical environment. You must be skilled in programming language and should have a good designing approach. An android developer is required to have knowledge of mobile app platforms, tools, and should have a good understanding of the phases of the development process. To become an Android developer, you should –

    • Take up a certificate or diploma in Android development


    • Learn programing language, UX/UI interfaces, mobile app platforms, and tools.


    • Create a professional portfolio with all the required skills for an Android developer


    • Take up an internship with a renowned organization to learn development skills

Android developer job description and profile


Android app developer is responsible for creating software codes with the help of app development platforms such as Android Studio. They are also accountable for implementing backend services and testing the application on the mobile phone. They have to work on the debugging process to improve the performance of the application. They are also responsible to explore new technologies to implement and increase app efficiency.


What are the roles and responsibilities of an Android developer?


Basic roles and responsibilities of an Android developer are-

    • Design and develop the applications for Android platform


    • Coordinate with the other team members for cross-functional activities such as designing, adding new features, etc.


    • Manage the outside data sources and APIs


    • Find bugs and reconstruct the application performance


    • Work on evaluating and discovering new technologies and features to enhance the development efficiency

Android developer salary


The average salary of an Android developer with less than three years of experience is around ₹3-5 Lacs per annum, while professionals having an experience of more than three years are paid somewhere around ₹10- 14 Lacs per annum. Certified Android developers usually make better salaries than non-certified professionals.


What are the advantages of becoming an Android developer?


There is a plethora of reasons, why should you choose your career as an Android developer, such as-

    • You get a platform to showcase your creativity and design skills


    • After gaining substantial exposure to Android development, you can even work as a freelancer


    • Multiple development tools available on the web that makes it easy to develop Android applications


    • Developers have easy access to the framework and development kit that makes it easy for them to stay updated with the latest information and techniques as it is featured with the open-source platform


Android developer qualifications and eligibility criteria


The basic qualification required for entering in Android development is a bachelor’s degree or diploma in Computer Science or training in the technical environment. This will ensure that you are familiar with the computer programming languages and the basic coding concepts that will speed up your Android development learning.


Who can become an Android Developer?

    • Freshers- If you are a fresh graduate and want to become an Android developer, you have to acquire the skills through certification and training.


    • Non-experienced professionals- If you do not have experience in the field of Android Development, employers do not focus on you or hire you. Therefore, you have to go for a certification course in Android development to obtain the appropriate skills.


    • Experienced professionals – With the required experience in Android development, it would be easy for you to get an Android developer job.

What skills are required to become an Android developer?


To become an Android developer, you need to have the skill set include-

    • UI/UX


    • Mobile app platforms


    • Programming languages and tools


    • Cyber security awareness


    • Agile development


    • Backend computing


    • Web development languages like HTML 5 and CSS


    • Business capability


    • iOS frameworks


    • Quality testing and quality assurance


    • Analytical skills


    • Creativity


    • Problem-solving


    • Critical thinking


    • Data structures and algorithms


    • Responsible web design etc.


Career Path for Android developer


With a certification in Android development, you can get the opportunity to work in one of the following positions immediately or in the future with the top recruiters such as Accenture, Adobe, Infosys, Cognizant, Paytm, etc:

    • Android application developer


    • Hybrid Mobile App Developer


    • Senior Mobile Application Engineer


    • Cross-Platform Mobile Developer (android, iOS, Windows)


    • Team Lead - Mobile Application Development


    • Android Engineer


    • Mobile Lead Software Engineer

Top Recruiters for Android Developers


Accenture | Adobe | Infosys | Cognizant | Paytm | Tech Mahindra | Geeks for geeks

Interview Questions

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