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Who is an Account Manager?

Account Manager is responsible for the management of all sales and relationship concerning particular customers. The professional maintains the existing relationship with the customers or a group of clients so that they continue to use the organisation’s services or products. Organisations like to hire skilled Account Managers who can retain the existing group of customers and improve their brand image.

What are the roles/responsibilities of an Account Manager?

Account Manager has the duties of a sales professional who takes care of existing clients and develop new business from those clients.

Some of the common roles and responsibilities of an Account Manager are:
• Maintaining and building long-lasting customer relationships.
• Overseeing the negotiation process of a certain customer so as to maximise profits while delivering quality service.
• Operating at the point of contact to resolve any client problems quickly.

What are the skills associated with Account Management?

• Excellent communication and problem-solving skills
• Ability to perform under challenges and maintain the sales numbers without affecting the quality of service
• Good documentation, reporting and presentation skills

What are the career outcomes after an Account Manager certification?

Getting an accounting certification course along with right experience can help you to improve your career and move up the professional ladder. Following are some of the career outcomes that you can expect:
• Finance Manager/ Senior Finance Manager
• Regional Sales Manager/ Senior Sales Manager
• Business Development Manager
• Key Accounts Manager
• Finance Director/Chief Financial Officer

What is the average salary of an Account Manager?

The average salary of an Account Manager is ₹ 5.75 Lacs per annum and can go up to ₹ 12 Lacs per annum with experience. Certified professionals usually get better opportunities and salaries.

What are the advantages of becoming an Account Manager?

If you want to start a career in account management or looking to make a switch, it will offer a lot of advantages in your professional journey. Mentioned below are some of the advantages:
• Customers or clients are core to any organisation and Account Managers play an important role in retaining them. Organisations look for confident Account Managers to improve their business.
• Your experience as an Account Manager can help you to establish a successful career in the finance or sales industry. You can expect better professional roles in the future.
• There will always be the need for skilled Account Managers in the industry and top companies offer top salaries to those who can help them retain their client list.
• You will work with some of the highly-valued customers of an organisation and this will help you to develop good business judgement, which can help you in your career journey.

Which profiles can for an Account Manager role?

• Fresh MBA/Finance graduates
• Account Executive
• Client Servicing Executive/Client Acquisition Executive
• Business Development Executive
• Corporate Sales Executive

Who can become an Account Manager?

Fresh graduates – If you are a fresh MBA/finance graduate and want to become an accounts manager, you can learn a lot of skills through professional training courses and get proficient in sales and portfolio management.

Non-experienced professionals – If you do not have experience in the field, recruiters are less likely to hire you or even call for an interview for a mid-level position like Account Manager. Hence, such professionals can take up a certification course to gain the required skills and hands-on experience.

Experienced professionals – With the required experience in account management, it would be easy for you to get a job in the field.

Naukri Learning offers a variety of online courses in accounting, IFRS, GAAP, Business Accounting which will help you to establish yourself in the industry and boost your career, get better jobs and receive higher salaries.

What is the eligibility criteria for an Account Manager?

There are no fixed eligibility criteria for an Account Manager. However, to be proficient in the field, you need to have a good understanding of how business works and have excellent communication and problem-solving skills. Most Account Managers have an MBA degree or from a Finance background.

Why are candidates going for an Account Manager profile?

Account Manager offers a good career path and a lot of challenges that will help in shaping the career. The salary is also decent in the industry and you can think of long-term career improvement by increasing your skill set.

Some of the major reasons that candidates go for Account Manager are:

Fresh MBA/Finance graduates-Graduates who want to start a career in the sales or finance industry can make a big step in their professional life by going for an Account Manager profile. Companies usually higher skilled graduates; so you can stay ahead of the competition with a certification.

Account Executive/Client Servicing/Client Acquisition-It is a step up for these professionals as they will gain greater skills and expertise to boost their career.
By switching to an Account Manager role, these professionals can enjoy a better salary package and other benefits.

Corporate Sales Executive-Corporate Sales Executives can improve their career graph substantially by switching to an Account Manager profile. There can also be a drastic improvement in the salary.

What do recruiters want in an Account Manager?

Recruiters usually look for the following points while hiring an Account Manager:

Prior experience – Any prior experience in the field can make the recruiters interested in you. It is also great if you can have any related skills like negotiation, clear communication, problem-solving and decision-making.

If you do not have any prior experience, a certification can help pave a way to your dream of becoming an Account Manager.

Key Skills – Sales, business development, portfolio management, customer relations and other related skills.

What are the top recruiters that hire Account Manager?

There are a lot of organisations that hire Account Managers, and if you are someone who is highly skilled in sales and account handling, you can get opportunities from some of the top companies across the globe.
Some of the top companies that hire account manager are Airtel, ICICI, HDFC, HCL, Wipro, Amazon and

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