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Who is an Account Director?

Account Director is responsible for a specific group of accounts and generally works in business sectors like advertising, digital or marketing. He/she is the senior point of contact for a company or an advertising agency’s customers or clients and is primarily tasked with maintaining relationships with them.

What are the roles of an Account Director?

Here is a rundown of the responsibilities which are associated with an Account Director.
• Growing the number of accounts and retaining the old ones.
• Maintaining the performance report of the team members related to the services provided to the clients.
• Creating the standard policies and regulations for the agency, ensuring that all members follow them while communicating with the clients.
• Negotiating with the clients to get the best possible contract offer.
• Evaluating the team’s work and offering constructive feedback to achieve the clients’ requirements.
• Maintaining an open communication channel with the clients so that they are able to offer their inputs any time.
• Keeping the top management informed for the group accounts and progress of the campaigns.

What skills are required to become an Account Director?

To have a successful career as an Account Director, you should have the following skills:
• Excellent communication (verbal and non-verbal) and negotiation skills.
• Good knowledge of advertising, marketing or designing processes.
• Effective team management and time management skills.
• High-level of attention to details and awareness of budgetary details.

What are the career outcomes of an account director?

With an expertise and good experience in account handling, you can expect to get opportunities in one of the following career profiles:
• Creative Head
• Head of Marketing
• Director of Operations
• Chief Marketing Officer

What is the average salary of an account director?

The average salary of an entry-level account director is around ₹ 10 - 12 Lacs per annum and it may vary according to the individual’s experience, skills, qualification and the type of organisation. Generally, a professional who is certified in advertising or PR can have a better career growth as compared to a non-certified candidate.

What are the career advantages of becoming an account director?

There are many professional advantages associated with the role of the Account Director, which can help an individual to move to a better role in the future. Some of these benefits are mentioned below:
• As an Account Director, you will handle various clients and customers, which will help you to improve your professional network vastly.
• With the experience that you gain from being an Account Director, you can have a good opportunity of moving up the professional ladder and get a leadership role.
• You can develop good business handling skills and budget management skills.

Which profiles can go for an Account Director role?

• Account Executives
• Account Managers
• Key Account Executives/Managers
• Sales Executives/Sales Managers
• Art Directors

Who can become an Account Director?

Non-experienced professionals – A fair amount of experience in account handling and management is required to become an account director. For those professionals who are willing to switch from a different background can improve their knowledge and skills with the help of professional training courses in advertising and PR.
Experienced professionals – A professional with a certain amount of experience in account handling or marketing and advertising, with good communication skills and high level of creativity, can crack a fortune as an Account Director. One can also improve his/her skills through certifications.

Naukri Learning offers a variety of professional courses in advertising, PR and digital marketing, which can help candidates to improve their chances of becoming an Account Director.

What is the eligibility criteria to become an Account Director?

There is no fixed eligibility criteria to become an Account Director. However, it is beneficial to have experience in account handling, marketing or advertising. Most Account Directors are usually from sales, marketing or advertising background. You can enrol in a digital marketing, advertising or PR course to boost your chances of getting a job as an Account Director.

Why are candidates going for an Account Director role?

Account Director is a senior level position and offers multiple career advantages to professionals in the field of advertising, marketing or PR. Some of the reasons why candidates are going for an Account Director role are:
Account Executives/Account Managers – For account executives and account managers, an Account Director Positon is one, which they aspire to become for further professional growth. It offers them a good opportunity to move ahead in their career. Also, the average salary of an Account Director is higher than that of an account executive or account manager.
Key Account Executives/Managers – Those professionals in a key account executive/manager position who does not wish to move to a core sales position or want a more creative role wish to become an Account Director. The competition in the area is also less, which allows them to get better opportunities in top companies.
Sales Managers/Executives – The career path of a sales manager or executive is generally unidirectional. . So, these professionals look to gain skills in advertising, marketing or PR and move to an Account Director position.

What do recruiters look for in an Account Director position?

Recruiters usually look for the following points while hiring an Account Director:
Prior experience – Recruiters usually prefer to hire candidates who have proven their ability to manage group accounts. However, if you have good communication skills and industry knowledge, you can convince the recruiters that you are a perfect choice for the role of Account Director.
Key skills – Account management, client servicing, public relations, advertising, campaign management, media relation, etc.

Who are the top recruiters that hire Account Directors?

Many top advertising agencies and companies hire skilled account directors to handle their clients and manage a group of accounts. Some of these top recruiters are RR Donnelley, Leo Burnett, Genpact, Ernst & Young and Indus Towers.

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