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Web designing refers to the activity of planning, creating and maintaining a website. It encompasses a variety of areas like website structure, user interface, navigation ergonomics, website layout, colours, fonts and outlook.

Though web designing is usually a front-end activity, most of the web designers are also proficient in the overall construction of a website. Organisations like to hire skilled web designers who can help in creating web pages which can result in high user engagement.

Naukri Learning offers a wide range of online professional courses in web designing which will provide candidates with the right amount of skills to be job ready. Other designing courses which you might be interested in are Design Tools, Graphic Design, Animation & Game Design and Architectural Design.

What is the importance of Web Designing in Business?

In this age of internet, websites play an important role for any business. The design is critical as it is core to getting the right amount of traffic or potential customers to their site. Other significances include:
• Visual elements play an important role for good conversion rates along with other factors. When there is an ergonomic navigational flow, customers find it easy to understand what they are doing.
• If the design a website is not appealing, customers tend to get confused which can discourage them to visit it a second time.
• Branding is an integral part of any website. If the colour and design of the website do not portray the brand’s identity, the website will not look professional. Customers will feel disassociated with the brand.
• Good website design positively affects an organisation’s SEO activities and the rankings of the web pages can improve with better design.
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Why should take up a Web Designing course?

A web designing certification can benefit you in various ways. Following are some of the advantages you will have when you join a web designing certification course:
• Based on a Naukri survey, 67% of the recruiters mentioned that they prefer certified candidates and are also willing to pay higher.
• You will have a good understanding of the best design practices used in the industry.
• You will have hands-on experience in the programming languages used in website designing.
• A certification can help improve your career, get better job opportunities or even get a promotion.
• Fresh graduates
Graphic Designers/Visualizers
Web Developers/Web Designers
• Software Testers

What are the key skills associated with Web Designing?

• Expert graphic designing skills and creative bent of mind.
• Hands-on experience in working with graphics designing tools like Adobe Photoshop.
• Understanding of best SEO practices.
• Good working knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
• Decent communication skills.
• High-level analytical and problem-solving skills.
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Career Outcomes

  • • UI/UX Expert
    • Senior Web Developer
    • Team Lead/Project Lead
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