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Total Quality Management (TQM), also known as total productive maintenance, describes a management approach for long-term success through customer satisfaction.
The career path of professionals in the quality management industry usually starts as Quality Analyst or Quality Engineer and with experience or a certification in TQM, one can expect to become Quality Managers or Team leaders.

Naukri Learning offers some of the best online courses for TQM to help candidates gain the necessary skills and techniques. Some of the other related courses that you can go for are Six Sigma, Lean Management, and Minitab.

Benefits of Total Quality Management

There is a considerable importance of quality management in any industry. Some of
• With the help of TQM, an organisation can reduce the cost of operations over time, leading to increase in profits.
• TQM focusses on the improvement of quality of products and services. This leads to better customer satisfaction.
• With an efficient implementation of TQM, the defects in a process can be reduced and also improve the quality inspection methods.

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Being a certified professional establishes your expertise in the industry and opens up various opportunities to work with some of the best organisations in the industry.
Based on a Naukri survey, 67% of the recruiters mentioned that they prefer certified candidates and are also willing to pay higher.
Here are some good reasons why a TQM certification course can help you in your future career endeavours:
• The higher your skill levels are, the better are the job opportunities
• With recognition comes better salary and compensation
• You will have skills that are globally useful
• It will help you stand out in the completion as a certified professional
• You will have a good understanding of the techniques and skills used in the industry

Professionals who are working in the quality management industry can benefit from the course. Profiles which can go for it:
• Quality Analyst/Engineers
• Production Engineers/Managers
• Operations Executive
• Manufacturing Managers

What are the key skills associated with Total Quality Management?

• High-level of analytical and problem-solving skills
• Practical knowledge of data analysis tools and techniques like root cause analysis, Pareto charts, box and whiskers charts, etc.
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• Ability to manage multiple responsibilities and show good leadership skills

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  1. Vskills Certified Service Quality Manager Government Certification

    Quality managers are generally associated with the responsibility of overseeing that products or services meet the minimum standards of quality to meet the quality expectations of the customer. If the quality of products or services are not up to the standard level, it is going to impact the organisation negatively. That is why there is a great demand for quality managers in the market. | This Vskills Certified Quality Manager course has been specifically designed to provide candidates skills as per the industry requirements for implementing and managing service quality | The course gives candidates access to high quality learning modules and study materials | It provides comprehensive coverage on various areas in service quality basics, total quality management, ROQ analysis, quality management and tools, quality assessment and measurement | A government certification is offered upon successful completion of the course

    100 hoursOffline self studyIntermediate
    $ 121 Enquire Now

    Total Quality Management, Leadership

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  2. Vskills Certified TQM Professional Government Certification

    This certification is developed exclusively for the strategy and management department to offer the student a good understanding of total quality management and how to work in an ambience like that. The course covers all basics principles like quality management system, FMCEA, implementing TQM and framework of TQM. This certification will not help in boosting the job prospects but also render an opportunity to study any time of the day and get certified on the most popular course in the industry.

    100 hoursOffline self studyIntermediate
    $ 121 Enquire Now

    Total Quality Management, Leadership, CS, Human Resource Management

    Course Selling Partner

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