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  1. HowTo Customize Fonts For Logo Design

    This typography customization class is aimed at anyone that is at least a bit familiar with Adobe Illustrator and wants to learn how to customize existing fonts to their liking without being a typographical master | Customizing fonts is easy and allows you to be more creative and not rely on a pre-made fonts to dictate how your design looks | In this class we will do case studies on a variety of famous logos to gather inspiration from their customizations to existing fonts. Then we will use that inspiration to complete our class project which is to customize a word for use in a logo or other medium.

    Online self studyBeginner
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    Offered by:  Skillshare
  2. Host a design thinking workshop

    In this course you'll be presented with the key resources and tools you'll need to host your very own design thinking workshop, whether you're exploring a general theme or homing in on a specific problem or issue.  The course will examine creating an agenda, setting up a space, and gathering materials. You will also discover methods for making sense of your design research, including empathy maps and experience maps, and you will look at exercises to help ideate and prototype to think outside of the box. There will be time at the end of the workshop to reflect and consider next steps.

    Online self studyBeginner
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    Offered by:  OpenClassrooms
  3. Preparing for Associate Cloud Engineer

    This one-week on-demand course helps prospective candidates structure their preparation for the Associate Cloud Engineer exam. The session will cover the structure and format of the examination, as well as its relationship to other Google Cloud certifications. Through lectures, demos and hands-on labs, candidates will familiarize themselves with the domains covered by the examination | This course by itself will not prepare a candidate to pass the Associate Cloud Engineer certification exam. It will, however, help the candidate better understand the areas covered by the exam and navigate the recommended resources provided by Google and Qwiklabs for preparing to take the exam, so they can formulate their own personal study plan.

    Online self studyIntermediate
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    Offered by:  Google
  4. How to Design a Project Proposal in Adobe InDesign

    In this course, graphic designer Grace Fussell shares her tips for choosing the best possible business proposal template and customising the styles, colours, and master pages to transform the proposal template.

    1.7 HoursOnline self studyBeginner
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    Offered by:  Tuts Plus
  5. TOGAF 9.1 Fundamentals

    TOGAF (The Open Group Architecture Framework) is an architecture framework which is used to develop a broad range of different architectures, and is a high level approach to design. The de facto global standard for enterprise architectures, it is used by a number of Global 50 and Fortune 500 companies. This Certified TOGAF Professional course has been specifically created by experts in the industry to provide extensive training to the candidates on the fundamentals of the subject matter. Designed as per industry requirements, this course offers high quality online content. In addition, it also offers a certification on the successful completion and assesses the candidates on all areas related to skills in working on software projects at enterprise scale.

    112 Students
    3.5 HoursOnline self studyBeginner
    $ 127

    TOGAF, Operations

    Offered by:  Skillsoft
  6. Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP)

    The course discovers functional requirements like role and user definitions, deployment environment on requirements and timing requirements. It also includes key security goals which are important to secure software development. Participants will also learn secure software design process like threat modelling, surface evaluation, control identification and prioritization. Besides this, they will be introduced to design consideration to address main security concepts and interconnectivity. Some necessary techniques like peer-based code reviews, anti-tampering techniques and versioning will also be covered. In the end, the course encompasses the best practices for securing ordinarily used structural design and technologies like database, programming and virtualization.

    11.5 HoursOnline self studyBeginner
    $ 164

    Virtualization, Software development, Software testing, Operations

    Offered by:  Skillsoft
  7. PG Diploma In Embedded Systems and Design (PG-DESD)

    Realizing the growth of embedded systems in day-to-day life and the need for trained manpower in this promising area, C-DAC has launched a Diploma in Embedded Systems Design (DESD) for Engineers in computers, electronics and IT. Embedded Systems is a unique field, where engineers need to have sound knowledge in hardware and software design. Keeping this aspect in view, C-DAC has designed the diploma giving equal emphasis to hardware and software, enabling engineers to face challenges in the design and development of state of the art embedded systems. The latest curriculum includes a module on wireless embedded systems design, specifically focusing on wireless technologies and Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN).

    Offered by:  CDAC
  8. Big Data Engineering Training Course

    Big data, in simple terms, refer to the huge amount of data set that cannot be usually analysed using traditional methods. Big data is a growing field and many businesses are adopting it to improve their business functions; leading to a spurt in the demand for expert professionals in the field. | Big Data Engineering course is aimed at providing the best-in-the-industry training to the candidates who are looking to get success in big data field | The course has quality online learning modules which have been developed by subject matter experts | Providing the necessary skills, the course has a comprehensive coverage of all important topics related to big data engineering

    101 Students
    1 HourOnline self studyIntermediate
    $ 133

    Big Data

    Offered by:  GetCertGo
  9. ISTQB-BCS Certified Tester Foundation Level

    Software Testing is a process of ensuring that software is reliable and is an important part of software development. With high quality online content, the course covers the psychology and ethics of testing, and testing throughout the software life cycle. It has been designed with the intent to align with the Certified Tester Foundations Level Syllabus and will help the learners to prepare for the Foundation Certificate in Software Testing exam, provided by the Information Systems Examination Board (ISEB), which is a globally-recognised certification body. Designed by some of the best professionals in the industry, this course will help the candidates to learn the implementation of dynamic testing techniques.

    6 HoursOnline self studyIntermediate
    $ 78

    Software development, Software testing

    Offered by:  Skillsoft
  10. Automation Testing Engineer Masters Program

    Simplilearn’s Automation Testing Master’s Program will set you on the course to becoming an expert automation test engineer with a focus on software development and quality assurance. You’ll receive core Java certification training, learn to automate web applications that are integrated with DevOps processes, use the popular testing technologies and utilize containers on the Docker platform. | The Automation Testing Master’s Program is designed to give you complete knowledge of software testing technologies such as Selenium Web Driver, TestNG, Maven, AutoIT, Selenium Grid, Appium, and Docker. With this automation testing course, you will become adept in test automation and successfully employ the technical knowledge you learn to build a robust testing framework using Page Object Design Pattern and Data-Driven Approach. The Automation Testing training program kicks off with a detailed overview of Core Java 8 concepts and trains you on automating web applications in Selenium 3.0. You will also receive instruction on Docker to run your tests efficiently across various platforms and achieve parallelism in your testing environment and production with our Automation Testing training course

    88 HoursOnline ClassroomIntermediate
    $ 257 Enquire Now

    java, DevOps, Selenium, Software development, Software testing, Production

    Offered by:  Simplilearn
  11. Adobe In Design CC - Essentials Training Course

    Hi there, my name is Dan. I am a graphic designer and Adobe Certified Instructor (ACI) for InDesign. | We will work with colour, picking your own and also using corporate colours. You will explore how to choose & use fonts like a professional. We will find, resize & crop images for your documents. | There are projects for you to complete, so you can practise your skills & use these for your creative portfolio. | In this course I supply exercise files so you can play along. I will also save my files as I go through each video so that you can compare yours to mine - handy if something goes wrong. Know that I will be around to help - if you get lost you can drop a post on the video 'Questions and Answers' below each video and I'll be sure to get back to you.I will share every design trick I have learnt in the last 15 years of designing. My goal is for you to finish this course with all the necessary skills to start making beautiful documents using InDesign.

    Offered by:  Skillshare
  12. Open Learn Manufacturing

    How are designs turned into products? What resources, materials and methods are used and what set of activities goes under the heading of 'manufacturing'? This free course will introduce manufacturing as a system and will describe some of the many different ways of making products. We will illustrate how the required properties of the materials in a product influence the choice of manufacturing process used.

    20 HoursOnline self studyIntermediate
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    Engineering Design

    Offered by:  OpenLearn
  13. Going Beyond the Logo: Boosting Brand Identity With An Effective UI

    As you of course know, being online for a brand is nowadays almost taken for granted, but what if the digital presence doesn’t communicate with the physical one? What if a new customer is given a wrong first impression of a valuable brand, just because their website doesn’t follow any good design rules? | In this class I’ll ask you to think about a visually well-defined character (an artist, a historical figure, a cartoon - it could be anyone!), and I’ll guide you through a complete overview of what you need to know in order to build an effective digital brand identity to promote him/her.

    2 hoursOnline self studyIntermediate
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    Offered by:  Skillshare
  14. Cinema 4D Mograph Fundamentals

    Cinema 4D's Mograph module is one of the most powerful and widely used tools available to today's motion designers. In this course, you'll get an in-depth, introductory look at using Cinema 4D's Mograph tools. Software required: Cinema 4D R18. | In this course, Cinema 4D Mograph Fundamentals, you'll be introduced to Cinema 4D's Mograph tools and learn how to utilize them in practice. First, you'll learn a basic overview of the fundamental building blocks of Cinema 4D's Mograph module - generators, cloners, effectors, and how to use them together. Next, you'll explore several different real-world scenarios, which will give you a chance to get more in-depth with specific tools, while creating animations similar to real design challenges. Some of these scenarios will include using C4D R18's new Voronoi Fracture object to procedurally break something into pieces and make it crumble, cloning a swarm of objects along a spline path, and using the Inheritance Effector with dynamics to form them into a logo.

    3 Hours 12 MinOnline self studyIntermediate
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    Design Tools

    Offered by:  Plural sight

    This Adobe Illustrator Expert Course is perfect for freshers as well as designing professionals who work with print media, brochure deign, logo design, stationary design web and mobile platforms, scanners and tablets.

    Online self studyIntermediate
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    Graphic Design, Design Tools, Web Design

    Offered by:  NextgEducation
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