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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of optimising a website or web page so that its visibility on a search engine’s result pages is improved. Skilled SEO professionals can help organisations to improve their sales by improving the quality of traffic and increasing the quantity of traffic without spending on ads.

Professionals in the SEO industry generally start their career as fresh graduates, SEO Executives, Marketing Executives or Digital Marketing Executives. With experience and a certification in SEO can boost their profiles as an SEO Manager, a Marketing Manager or a Digital Marketing Manager.

Naukri Learning offers a wide variety of certification courses in SEO which will help the candidates to become experts. Some of the other related courses that you can go for are mobile marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing and PPC AdWords.

Benefits of SEO

There are plethora of benefits of SEO for businesses. Some of the major advantages of SEO are:
• Organic searches results are free and businesses need not spend extra budget on it. This proves SEO to be a very cost-effective method as compared to other online marketing methods.
• A majority of the internet users have high trust on Google results. This creates a high brand image and credibility when your website or web page gets featured on the top organic search results.
• As it is essentially free, the return on investment through SEO is very high as compared to other marketing techniques.
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Why should you go for an SEO certification?

Being a certified professional establishes your expertise in the industry and opens up various opportunities to work with some of the best organisations in the industry.
Based on a Naukri survey, 67% of the recruiters mentioned that they prefer certified candidates and are also willing to pay higher.

Here are some good reasons why an SEO certification course can help you in your future career endeavours:
• You can enhance your current profile and resume with a certification. Improve your chances of successfully converting an SEO interview
• A certification will improve your career. You can earn a better salary, get better job opportunities or even a promotion
• You will acquire skills that are globally accepted and stand out as a certified professional
• You will get in-depth understanding and hands-on experience in the various methods of SEO marketing
• Fresh Graduates
• SEO Executives
• Marketing Executives
• Online Marketing Executives/Digital Marketing Executives

What are the key skills associated with SEO?

• Good understanding of SEO techniques, including off-page, on-page and technical
• Knowledge of various SEO tools like Google Analytics, Google Console, Moz, etc.
• Excellent communication (verbal and non-verbal) and interpersonal skills
• Advanced analytical and problem-solving skills
• Basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript
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Career Outcomes

  • With a professional certification in SEO, you can enhance your career and move to a higher position like:
    • Online Community Manager
    Digital Marketing Manager/Marketing Strategist
    Marketing Manager
    • SEO Manager
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  1. Certified Search Engine Optimization Master Online Course
    343 Students

    Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the visibility of a website or webpage in a search engine’s organic results page. With most of the businesses going online, SEO professionals are in great demand in the industry. | This Certified Search Engine Optimization Master Online Course provides the candidates with an in-depth knowledge and advanced skills to improve the rankings of a website or webpage in the search engine | With quality online learning modules, the course has been designed by professionals with years of experience in the industry | The course covers various topics like on-page optimisation, off-page optimisation and search engine algorithms | Candidates who complete the course are offered a certification, which is globally accepted

    5 HoursOnline self studyExpert
    $ 283 Take this Course

    Digital , Digital Marketing , Marketing

    Locations: Noida , Delhi , Gurgaon , Chandigarh , Bangalore , Hyderabad , Chennai , Ernakulam

    Course Selling Partner
  2. Certified Search Engine Optimization Masters Course
    889 Students

    Certified Search Engine Optimization Course (CSEOM) is a great platform for the participants who wish to develop an expertise and masters in Search Engine Optimization. This course allows participants to excel their skills in one of most evolving domains of Digital Marketing, viz. Search Engine Optimization.

    Online ClassroomExpert
    $ 205 Take this Course

    Digital , Digital Marketing , Marketing , Advertising , Sales , , Content Writing

    Brochure Course Selling Partner
  3. Advanced Search Engine Optimization Certification Training
    315 Students

    Search Engine Optimization is a technique which helps increasing the visibility, rankings and relevance of the websites in search engine results. Simplilearn SEO training enable participants to improve the visibility of the websites and escalate traffic with the proper usage of the relevant keywords. It also keep participants up-to-date with the best practices for success with SEO

    25 hoursOnline self studyBeginner
    $ 246 Take this Course

    Marketing , Web Analytics , Online marketing , Manage , Operations

    Locations: Noida , Delhi , Gurgaon , Chandigarh , Bangalore , Hyderabad , Chennai , Ernakulam

    Course Selling Partner
  4. Certified Search Engine Marketing Masters Course
    787 Students

    Certified Search Engine Marketing Masters Course (CSEMM) is a great platform for the participants who wish to develop an expertise and masters in Search Engine Marketing. This course allows participants to excel their skills in one of most evolving domains of Digital Marketing, viz. Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

    Online ClassroomExpert
    $ 205 Take this Course

    Digital , Digital Marketing , Marketing , Advertising , Sales , Campaign Management ,

    Brochure Course Selling Partner
  5. Advanced AdWords Training - From An Industry Veteran

    Advanced AdWords Training - From An Industry Veteran is a module-based programme by Eduonix, which helps the participants to brush up their Google AdWords skills. The course helps you to not just learn the advanced knowledge of AdWords, but you will also get to learn to create marketing campaigns, helpful for achieving business targets.

    Online self studyIntermediate
    $ 40 Take this Course

    Marketing ,

    Locations: Noida , Delhi , Gurgaon , Chandigarh , Bangalore , Hyderabad , Chennai , Ernakulam

    Course Selling Partner
  6. Digital Marketing Specialist Masters Program
    1367 Students

    Masters Program gives an in-depth understanding and advanced knowledge of the 8 most important digital marketing domains - Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing, Pay-Per-Click, Conversion Optimization, Digital Analytics, Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Email Marketing. The course includes real-world projects and virtual simulations for gaining domain experience. | The Digital Marketing Specialist Masters Program is designed to transform you into a complete digital marketer with expertise across the top eight digital marketing domain- search engine optimization, social media marketing, pay-per-click, conversion optimization, digital analytics, content marketing, mobile marketing & email marketing.

    139 HoursOnline self studyExpert
    $ 776

    Digital , Social media marketing , Email marketing , Content marketing , Mobile Marketing

    Locations: Noida , Delhi , Gurgaon , Chandigarh , Bangalore , Hyderabad , Chennai , Ernakulam

  7. Digital Marketing Certified Associate Training (Self Learning)
    2263 Students

    Digital Marketing is for the marketing of products or services through the use of digital technologies, including the internet, mobile technologies, etc. This Digital Marketing Certified Associate Training course has been designed to impart the latest skills and knowledge related to digital marketing to the learners. Through this course one will become a complete Digital Marketer and get to be job-ready. With high-quality learning modules, simulation exams and hours of project work, the candidates are ready to handle a high-quality digital marketing team or execute their own marketing campaigns. In addition, the learners get to have genuine work experience through real-life projects in digital marketing.

    44 HoursOnline self studyIntermediate
    $ 192

    Digital , Digital Marketing , Marketing , Email marketing , Web Analytics , Content marketing

    Locations: Noida , Delhi , Gurgaon , Chandigarh , Bangalore , Hyderabad , Chennai , Ernakulam

  8. Digital Marketing & Metrics Program from S.P.Jain

    Amazon. Flipkart. Google. Apple. Facebook. What do some of the world’s top multinational companies have in common? They appreciate and leverage digital platforms to compete in a dynamic and competitive landscape. They make it easier for consumers to access relevant and timely information, connect with people they care about and willingly engage in brand building. | As technologies continue to develop, there is tremendous scope to converge traditional marketing insight with New Media and Internet. Markets across industries are moving swiftly to the virtual space, adopting digital technology as a key element of their overall marketing and communication strategy. To continue to do so, businesses need professionals with the knowledge, technical skills and practical experience of digital media and marketing concepts. | It is a 6-MONTH professional program designed to develop modern marketing practitioners who are able to apply the latest digital media technologies and strategies to improve business and personal brand. It offers professional training, enabling students to sense how digital technologies create or enable new business models, reshape the economy and the way businesses operate. Subsequently, the course also familiarizes students with the concept of digital ecosystems and strategies, and trends in various industry verticals.

    480 HoursClassroomIntermediate
    Enquire Now

    Digital , Marketing , Effective Communication , Web Analytics , Ethical Hacking , Machine Learning

    Brochure Course Provider
  9. Certified Digital Marketing Consultant Course

    This course is ideal for anyone looking to understand and implement A-Z Of Digital Marketing under a single umbrella program | dCDMC program is a Digital marketing certification course which is divided into 5 segments covering Executive Modules, Campaign Support Modules, Organic & Paid Marketing along with Career Development modules making it an extensive 30 Module Program | Successful completion of these 30 modules and 2 examinations will lead you to attain dCDMC Certification.

    120 hrsClassroomIntermediate

    Digital , Digital Marketing , Marketing , Advertising , Email marketing , Web Analytics

    Brochure Course Provider

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