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    An overview of the concept of visual merchandising and lays emphasis on customer relationship management, brand management and sales management along with visual merchandising & space management.Retail Industry is one of the fastest growing & challenging industries in the world & contributes the economic growth of the country and is generating ample job opportunities The programme will also benefit working professionals and those seeking entry-level employment or aspiring to be self-employed. Given its scope, the programme will be useful to anybody (with a graduation degree) keen to gain knowledge in the subject area. 

    Online self studyIntermediate
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    Sales Management, Merchandising, Sales, Retail, Advertising, Insurance, Operations,

    Offered by:  Amity Online University
  2. Retail Management, ICI Diploma

    The Retail Management course taught at International Career Institute (ICI) is designed in conjunction with major retailers and helps you learn the skills you need quickly and conveniently.Retail Management graduates have a wide range of skills to offer in the retail sector and business in general. They are able to reflect upon, understand and articulate the dynamics of establishing, operating and growing a retail sector business.

    Offered by:  International Career Institute

    Master retail management concepts in the context of fast-changing consumer behavior, a dynamic retail marketing environment, and highly customer-centric brand experiences.Select from 4 batch schedules for flexible and convenient learning as opposed to part-time and online management programs with rigid deadlines for Master retail management concepts in the context of fast-changing consumer behavior, a dynamic retail marketing environment, and highly customer-centric brand experiences.Acquiring merchandising skills from field experts| learn different retail product promotion techniques from field experts | Learn franchising trends in international markets to have an edge| Master various soft skills from experienced trainers .

    Offered by:  Welingkar
  4. Retail Management Training Online

    Every day is different in retail. Typical manager-level responsibilities can vary from hiring and training new employees to supervising in-store displays, maintaining inventory, and even creating advertising campaigns. Advancement is common and managers are often promoted from within—especially if they have a diverse retail skill set.When you enroll in our Retail Management course online, you can enhance your resume with practical, career-ready retail expertise. Studying at your own pace, this is your opportunity to stand out from the crowd and gain the skills and knowledge to manage a department, store, franchise operation, or your very own boutique.

    Offered by:  ASHWORTH COLLEGE
  5. Retail Management - CPD Accredited

    Retail Managers oversee everything that makes a store work, from behind the scenes functions to the sales floor. They also understand client profiles and empathise with their needs to adjust product supply and are able to anticipate demand to boost profits.The Retail Management Diploma course teaches you everything you need to know to become an efficient retail manager. Through this Retail Management Diploma course, you’ll explore the roles and responsibilities of a retail manager, including supervising distribution, selling products directly to consumers and operating everyday operations within a retail store or department.Throughout this Retail Management course,You’ll also learn to promote merchandise, organise employees, handle customer service and supervise records and accounts. This excellent course is suitable for anyone considering a management position in the retail sector.

    Online self studyPreparatory
    ₹ 1,296 Enquire Now

    Retail management, Sales, Retail, Operations, Safety

    Offered by:  One Education
  6. Retail Management- Merchandising, Distribution and Marketing

    This free online merchandise management course will first introduce you to retail merchandising and what it entails and will help you to learn the different methods for determining price points as well as cover the MSRP on manufacturer suggested retail price. A description of visual merchandising the principles of design and how to design a display which is essential for attracting costumers .It will teach you about the flow of goods and services . You will learn the meaning of retail marketing and study the four aspects of the retail markrting mix known as the 4P's . It covers the linear communication model as well as the four important characteristics of communication tools in retailing. You will study merchandise planning which help you to calculate how much stock to buy , inventory management , and assortment planning . Attracting customers to your retail store is much easier once you study and understand the aspects of retail merchandising and marketing . This course will boost up your retail set up , therefore if you are a usiness owner or retail store manager , taking this course will reap you a lot of rewards .

    Online self studyIntermediate
    Enquire Now

    Merchandising, Retail, Sales

    Offered by:  Alison
  7. Course in Strategic Retail Management (CSRM)

    Course in Strategic Retail Management (CSRM) is a professional programme. It is an integrated part of the supply chain management and is procured in an exceptionally competitive environment. This course is designed to enhance leadership in Indian retail segment and allows the participants to learn to promote sales and customer satisfaction by using the retail methods and technology, evaluate their own retail strategies, and discover new business models from global market segments | Participants are taught about introduction and concepts of Retail Management, Retailing Trends, Relationship Marketing, Information Technology in Retailing, Pricing And Merchandising, and Segmentation, along with relevant case studies, lectures and panel discussions. The programme helps participants to learn first-hand from international best practices and stay ahead of the business trends

    Offered by:  ISB
  8. Vskills Certified Multichannel Retail Professional Government Certification

    Multichannel retailing is the use of different channels by a company for the customers to purchase goods and services. This type of strategy includes all types of channels from brick-and-mortar to telephonic. Vskills Certified Multichannel Retail course introduces candidates to various aspects of different retailing channels. This government-certified course covers include retail functions, retail mix, store design, e-retail platform, etc. A certification in this course can open opportunity avenues in both e-commerce and retail giants.

    100 hoursOffline self studyIntermediate
    $ 121

    Retail, Sales Management, Warehouse Management, Productivity, Sales, Operations

    Offered by:  VSkills
  9. Retail Fundamental

    In this course, part of the Retail Management Professional Certificate program, you will learn the four key components of the retail business | Demand forecasting,| Inventory management | Assortment planning | Pricing decisions | You will learn about the different challenges that retailers face and have the opportunity to explore methods and techniques available to address these challenges. You will also have access to simulation tools to better internalize the concepts. | The course will take a hands-on, problem driven approach that will help you understand and put into practice the concepts you learn. At the end of the course you, will be able to make better decisions at every step of the retail process.

    Online self studyIntermediate
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    Retail management, Retail, Sales, Safety

    Offered by:  edX
  10. Omnichannel Strategy and Management

    Retail customers are omnichannel. They increasingly expect to interact with retailers in a seamless way, combining aspects of different channels at different stages of their purchase journey. They want to place an order online and pick it up an hour later on their way to work, or return at the store an order they had placed online. We have been studying for many years how traditional retailers can become omnichannel retailers. It is not an easy transition and requires a fundamental change in the retailer’s processes, systems and strategy. This transformation is not about small adjustments but a complete redesign of the retailer’s business model | In this course, part of the Retail Management Professional Certificate program, you will learn from retailers that are successfully navigating this transformation. You will explore how to attract omnichannel customers, what fulfillment options these customers expect, how retailers can leverage their online and brick and mortar presence, and what retailers need to support an omnichannel strategy. By the end of the course, you won’t be thinking about separated retail channels but one integrated retailer that is aligned to best serve today customer’s needs.

    Online self studyIntermediate
    ₹ 7,098 Enquire Now

    Retail management, Retail,

    Offered by:  edX
  11. Retail Management with Sales Psychology and Facebook for Business

    In this course, you will be focusing on exploring the functions of a retail manager, understand the procedures for overseeing, managing and supervising the administration and merchandising of products to consumers. Besides, understand how to apply psychology to your marketing, and master the skills that help you to create sales with a very simple psychological trigger. Finally, this course will walk you through the steps of setting up an effective Facebook ad and incorporates some tactics that are extremely useful in today’s marketplace

    Online self studyPreparatory
    ₹ 39,316 Enquire Now

    Merchandising, Sales, Retail, Administration, Safety, Retail management

    Offered by:  One Education
  12. Retail and Advanced Management Diploma

    Equipping you with a combination of specific retail-industry knowledge and essential management skills, this comprehensive course provides you with a thorough education in Retail and Advanced Management. This is a career which involves supervising the sale of products, and is closely related to other economic areas such as: international business, marketing, advertising, consumer science, logistics, operations management, and more.Benefit from a broad range of management and leadership theories and a whole host of practical tools to apply in their working environment. Not only can you learn the fundamentals of outstanding management, the course also covers motivational techniques, the differences between leadership and management, and will provide an abundance of fantastic management techniques.

    Offered by:  One Education
  13. Vskills Certified Retail Management Professional Government Certification

    This integrated certificate course in retail management, concentrates on the Retail sector emerging and the most prevalent trends. The Retail world most crucial aspects like Category Management, Retail Buying, Store Operations, Customer Marketing and Retail Strategies have been rightly explored. This may help individuals embark on a career in one of the many roles in the Retail industry.

    100 hoursOffline self studyBeginner
    ₹ 4,129

    Retail management, Retail, Operations, Advertising, Production

    Offered by:  VSkills
  14. PG Diploma in Retail Management (PGDRM)

    Retail is a major sector of the Indian and Global economy. Retailers today deal with challenges like increased levels of competition, growth of the internet, new forms of technology and consumers. As a result, retail organisations require leaders with the necessary skills to address these challenges. | Post Graduate Diploma in Retail Management covers a range of issues like service operations, consumer behaviour, sales management, marketing management and supply chain issues related to the business. With an emphasis on retail management and marketing topics, this program explores key developments and trends in this area.

    Offered by:  Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning
  15. Digital Skills: Retail

    Digital technology is transforming the world of retail. You’ll learn about the impact of this transformation, from data transforming customer experiences and operations, to the increasing impact of connected devices and automation.You will also look ahead, asking what the different concepts and technologies mean for the future of retail and for those that work in this industry.

    Online self studyIntermediate
    Enquire Now

    Digital, Retail, Operations, Digital Marketing

    Offered by:  Future Learn
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