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Retail Management- Merchandising, Distribution and Marketing

Retail Management- Merchandising, Distribution and Marketing

Learn about merchandise displays, marketing, and inventory planning with this free online retail management course.


Course Highlights

  • Provides 3 types of certification courses| Digital certificate | officially branded certificate| Framed certificate

  • Advanced Learning helps you to upskill and achieve high results.

  • Acquiring official certification

  • Course helps you to boost up ur retail status and reap lot of rewards.

Mode of learning: Online self study

Course Overview

What are the course deliverables ?
  • Define and describe retail merchandising

  • Explain how visual merchandising can affect sales

  • List the principles of design

  • Explain how to design a good display

  • Explain the channels of distribution

  • Define and describe the 4 P’s

  • Define product mixes, lines and individual products

  • Explain the linear communication model

  • Describe the four important characteristics of communication tools

  • Explain the calculation for open to buy planning

More about this course
  • This free online merchandise management course will first introduce you to retailmerchandising and what it entails and will help you to learn the different methods for determining price points as well as cover the MSRP on manufacturer suggested retail price. A description of visual merchandising the principles of design and how to design a display which is essential for attracting costumers .It will teach you about the flow of goods and services . You will learn the meaning of retail marketing and study the four aspects of the retail markrting mix known as the 4P's . It covers the linear communication model as well as the four important characteristics of communication tools in retailing. You will study merchandise planning which help you to calculate how much stock to buy , inventory management , and assortment planning . Attracting customers to your retail store is much easier once you study and understand the aspects of retail merchandising and marketing . This course will boost up your retail set up , therefore if you are a usiness owner or retail store manager , taking this course will reap you a lot of rewards .

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