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  1. Online self studyIntermediate
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    Offered by:  UDEMY
  2. Procurement Management

    Although the word procurement or purchase implies to be a mere transaction involving a buyer and seller, it requires execution on multiple fronts such as technical, commercial, legal, interpersonal and managerial. Individuals with knowledge of procurement process can reduce lapses in management or communication and ensure organizational success. | To help professionals and students understand the process and perform better, this course focuses on delivering a comprehensive understanding of the management and practical aspects involved in procurement.

    Online self studyIntermediate
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    Offered by:  UDEMY
  3. Vskills Certified Procurement Management Professional

    Every organization procures goods or services, to provide end product or services to its customers. | The role of managing procurement is a complex one, which demands a wide range of business skills and commercial expertise to succeed. Procurement professionals aim to maximize the value of what the business procures.

    10 HoursOnline self studyBeginner
    ₹ 4,129

    Big Data, Negotiation, Waste Management, Warehouse Management, , Accounting, Sales

    Offered by:  VSkills
  4. Procurement Strategies and Tendering

    What is procurement? How does the procurement process work? What procurement strategies are available? Find answers with this course that aims to develop your understanding procurement in the context of the construction industry.You’ll have the chance to examine the factors that affect the choice of procurement strategy and work to develop an understanding of tendering and its application in the construction industry.You will also have the opportunity to evaluate the principles of depreciation and the methods for calculating depreciation in a construction context.

    Online self studyIntermediate
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    Offered by:  Future Learn
  5. The Procurement; Policy & Procedure

    The Procurement Policy & Procedure is the Infrastructure of the Procurement function. | This course helps the Procurement professionals to understand the relevant subjects of the procurement which have to be set clearly in their Procurement policy & procedure to support their procurement function efficiently & effectively.

    Online self studyIntermediate
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    Offered by:  UDEMY
  6. Diploma in EU Public Procurement

    Public procurement is the process whereby a government organization or a public authority purchases from external suppliers. Every year, public authorities in Europe spend over two trillion euro purchasing goods and services. Consequently, they have introduced procurement rules which are designed to increase competition between suppliers. This course will teach you the best practices and procedures for involved in this EU procurement process.

    5-6 HoursOnline self studyIntermediate
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    Offered by:  Alison
  7. Online self studyIntermediate
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    Offered by:  UDEMY
  8. Vskills Certified Public Relations Officer Government Certification

    Public Relations means maintaining the relationship or reputation with the public or customers. Public Relation Officers (PRO) are responsible with the dealing with enquiries from the public, press or related organisations. Every organisation who wants to maintain its reputation needs a good PRO. | This Vskills Certified Public Relations Officer course offers the best training to the candidates to help them be job-ready in the field of public relations | Offering high-quality learning materials, the course helps the learners acquire the skills necessary to build relationships between the organisation and its key audiences | It covers various areas like representing an organisation, image building, goodwill creation, and interpreting the policies and procedures

    100 hoursOffline self studyIntermediate
    $ 121

    Negotiation, CSR, Advertising

    Offered by:  VSkills
  9. Introduction to Procurement

    Are you a procurement professional with 0 - 5 years experience and looking to develop your procurement skills? Procurious' 'Introduction to Procurement' training will be of great value to you! We create awareness around your current capability, and set you up with the knowledge and skill set required for you to become our future leader!

    Online self studyIntermediate
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    , Negotiation

    Offered by:  UDEMY
  10. Introduction to Supplier Relationships in Procurement

    The course begins by exploring what is meant by internal and external suppliers, and the benefits of each before moving on to learning about the relationship spectrum and life cycle, providing you with an interesting insight to both, and how they work alongside each other enabling you to analyse your supplier metrix in order to identify your organisation’s key products and supply sources, helping you to better understand and manager your supplier relationships. | The course also provides an expert introduction into category management and includes examples to demonstrate exactly how it works and the importance of it within business. You will learn all about the bargaining power of both buyers and suppliers and the factors involved in establishing power and leveraging it within negotiation. Porters Five Forces Model is a crucial element of effective supplier relationships and this is explored in-depth in the next section of the course.

    Online self studyIntermediate
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    Offered by:  TheNetwork360
  11. Excellence in Agribusiness Management & Leadership

    This programme is aimed at sensitizing the agribusiness stakeholders about the growing strategic and tactical roles played by the management principles and techniques in modern agriculture business and thereby helping them better appreciate the scope and applicability of these best practices in their own organizations.

    ₹ 112,100 Enquire Now

    Sales, Operations

    Offered by:  IIM Calcutta
  12. Certified Compliance Officer Government Certification

    Compliance Officer is the person responsible for overseeing and managing the regulatory compliance issues within an organisation. Vskills Certified Ethics and Compliance Officer course is designed specifically to assess the candidates on their ethics management and compliance skills as per an organisation’s needs. This course awards a government certification and offers training on various areas like ethical theories, personal values, values and heuristics, individual responses, CSR, sustainability, legal compliance and privacy.

    100 hoursOnline self studyIntermediate
    $ 121

    CSR, Leadership, Corporate Governance, Law

    Offered by:  VSkills
  13. Electrical System Design (Full Time)

    Suvidya Institute of Technology has developed Training programs to strengthen technical manpower for improvement of productivity, profitability and supporting global industry as a Business Development Partner | SIT enhance employee’s skills and knowledge, it also help them to perform their job activities efficiently and educate then for technical problems, issues that directly affect the company’s profits | The quality of employees and their development through training and education are major factors in determining long-term profitability of a business. If company hires and keeps good employees, it is good policy to invest in the development of their skills, which in turn increase their productivity | Suvidya Institute of Technology divided training programs in to different Tiers from fresher to executives and molding following training programs as per the exact job requirement of the company at different levels

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    Offered by:  Suvidya
  14. Contract Management and Arbitration

    The MDP Contract Management and Arbitration intends to provide the participants a comprehensive understanding on the legal issues in commercial transactions with specific focus on contractual issues and commercial dispute resolution. The Programme shall address different types and facets of contracts and the rights, obligations and implications on business operations. The course shall legal issues in contracts, contract with governments, breach of contract, special contracts, tender and procurement, project finance contracts, legal issues involving infrastructure companies and cyber contracts. In addition, the dispute management techniques such as Adjudication, Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution the understanding of which are imperative for today’s managers, are discussed. Having a reasonable understanding of the contract law and dispute resolution methods, which are foundation to all legal transactions, will help the managers/executives in designing the strategies for competitive advantage.

    ₹ 100,300 Enquire Now

    Contract Law, Project Finance, Law, Operations

    Offered by:  IIM Calcutta
  15. Online Master of Science Supply Chain Management

    The online Master of Science Supply Chain Management degree positions graduates for career advancement and leadership opportunities within the import and export, manufacturing and transport, and logistics management industries. | Master the skills needed to establish yourself as a leader with an understanding of the global market, while becoming a subject matter expert in sourcing goods and consumer delivery. Develop the skills to interpret and analyze data as well as implement best business practices through Kettering University Online’s uniquely interactive and supportive learning environment.

    Offered by:  Kettering
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