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What is GST?

GST (Goods and Service Tax) is an indirect tax which is levied on the sale of goods and services. GST has replaced many indirect tax laws that were previously present. There are 5 GST slabs — 0%, 5%, 12%,18% and 28% and has three components — CGST (central GST intra-state), SGST (State GST intra-state) and IGST (inter-state Central GST).
Naukri Learning offers a variety of GST certifications for finance professionals to help them understand GST better and boost their career prospects. Some of the other related courses in finance are accounting, IFRS, financial modelling and stock trading.

Benefits of GST Knowledge

There are many benefits of GST knowledge for a finance professional or an organisation. Some of the prominent benefits are:
• A small mistake in GST-related matters can create a substantial cash flow error for an organisation.
• It is difficult to impart training to all financial professionals for any organisation. This is why it is beneficial for any company to have professionals who already have an understanding of GST.
• Account keeping under GST is very strict and this is why a good knowledge is important to keep up with the accounting policies.
• Business processes can be hampered if there is not a good understanding of GST.
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Why should you get a certification in GST?

Whether you are an experienced professional or a fresh graduate in the finance industry, a certification in GST will help you professionally. Based on a Naukri survey, 67% of the recruiters mentioned that they prefer certified candidates and are also willing to pay higher.
Some of the other reasons why you need to go for a certification course in GST are:
• Organisations need professionals with expert GST knowledge, hence they look for people who are certified or are skilled in it.
• As more and more businesses are looking to adapt their financial systems to conform to the new GST rules, they are hiring professionals having good knowledge in GST.
• With recognition comes better salary and compensation
• You will gain one of the most sought-after skills in the finance industry
• With more skills, your job performance will increase and help you in your career growth

What are the skills associated with GST?

• Proficient in the MS Office suite like MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, etc.
• Hands-on experience in accounting, curating financial statements and tax planning
• High-level analytical and problem-solving skills
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Who should do?

• MBA/Commerce/Finance graduates
• Accountants
• Finance Executives
• Tax Consultants

Career Outcomes

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