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Who is a graphic designer?

Graphic designers are visual communicators who are responsible to create visual concepts by using computer software or by hand through both physical and virtual art forms that include images, words, or graphics. They aim to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, and captivate consumers by developing the overall layout and production design for various applications such as advertisements, brochures, corporate reports and magazines. Graphic designers also work as communication designers, visual communication designers, brand identity developers, or graphic artists, and they communicate ideas to inspire, inform, or captivate consumers. The specialties of a graphic designer include-
• Desktop Publishing
• Branding and Advertising
• Email Blasts and eNewsletters
• Interface or User Experience Design
• Web Design
• Product Packaging
• Book Design
• Logos
• Print or Web Production
• Typography

What is the role of a graphic designer?

Graphic designers are responsible to combine art and technology to communicate ideas through images and website layout. Graphic designers job responsibilities include -
• To meet clients and determine the scope of a project
• To advise clients on strategies to reach a particular audience
• To advise clients on strategies and messages the design should portray
• To create images that identify a product or convey a message
• To develop graphics and audio/videos for product illustrations, logos, and websites
• To choose colors, images, text style, and layout
• To present the design to clients or the art director
• To incorporate changes recommended by the clients into the final design
• To review designs and send them error-free
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What skills are required to become a Graphic designer?

A skilled graphic designer needs to understand the client’s requirement very well and create aesthetically appealing products. Some of the most important skills that a graphic designer must possess, include –
• An eye for detail
• Ability to balance projects and master time management
• Willing to try new things and look for new things to learn from unexpected sources
• Ability to Take Criticism
• Problem solving
• Good communication skills to negotiate for your work
• Ability to develop consistency and prove trustworthiness
• Willing to try out creative alternatives
• Interest to learn something new everyday

How do I become a Graphic designer? Which best graphic designer courses shall I take up?

To become a graphic designer, you must have impeccable drawing skills with a knowledge of computers. Graphic designer eligibility includes a bachelor’s degree in graphic design or a related field. You would also need to have a working knowledge of desktop design software, such as Illustrator, InDesign or QuarkXPress, and image-editing packages such as Photoshop. You can take up both college-based and online graphic designer courses. In graphic designer courses, you will learn about -
• Basics and other principles of design and color
• Desktop publishing
• 2D and 3D design
• Web graphics
• Digital photography
• Multimedia and animation

Which are the best Graphic designer courses in India?

Naukri Learning brings in a myriad of advanced graphic designer courses, such as –
1. All in One Graphic Designer Suite
2. Vskills Certified SVG Professional Government Certification
3. Become a Professional Graphic Designer
4. All in one 3D Game Development Suite
5. Vskills Certified GIMP Designer Government Certification
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  1. Mastering Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017

    This course provides you specialized knowledge on video editing and familiarizes you with the Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 version!| This course will teach you how to make your first steps as an editor AND with the best editing tool used by Hollywood pros. You can simply start by importing your footage from any camera or phone, cut clips, add titles, and adjust music tracks.

    Online self studyIntermediate
    $ 50 Take this Course

    Locations: Noida , Delhi , Gurgaon , Chandigarh , Bangalore , Hyderabad , Chennai , Ernakulam

    Course Selling Partner
  2. Adobe After Effects Color Correction And Color Grading

    Adobe After Effects Color Correction And Color Grading is a basic level curse for the colorists and color graders. The course aims at brushing up the skills of the participants using the Adobe after Effects software. The participants will learn about the basic tools of color correction and color grading.

    Online self studyIntermediate
    $ 39 Take this Course

    Locations: Noida , Delhi , Gurgaon , Chandigarh , Bangalore , Hyderabad , Chennai , Ernakulam

    Course Selling Partner
  3. Become a Professional Graphic Designer

    The course is designed for professionals who are keen on learning the skills and techniques needed to be a graphic designer. Graphic designers, graphic artists and web designers can learn to imbibe the latest technology to develop compelling and creative graphic designs. The course is at a beginners level, and is custom made for those who are relatively new to the field of graphic design. Designers would be well equipped with the necessary skill set to find jobs in the field of graphic design.

    29 HoursOnline self studyIntermediate
    $ 34 Take this Course

    Graphic Design , Design Tools , Web Design

    Locations: Noida , Delhi , Gurgaon , Chandigarh , Bangalore , Hyderabad , Chennai , Ernakulam

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