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Gestalt Psychology and Web Design: The Ultimate Guide

Gestalt Psychology and Web Design: The Ultimate Guide


Course Highlights

  • Learn and work with a global team of designers

  • Optional physical meet-ups may take place in your city via our Local Groups initiative.

  • Gain an industry-trusted Course Certificate

  • Gain Permanent access to course material

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Duration: 42 Days

Mode of learning: Online self study

Course Overview

Who should do this course ?
  • UX designers who want to create outstanding websites that are free from usability flaws

  • Project managers keen on building user-centered products that stand out from the competition

  • Software engineers interested in augmenting their development skills with a firm grounding in usability

  • Entrepreneurs looking to ship products that are free from usability flaws and thus succeed

  • Newcomers to design who are considering making a switch to UX design

What are the course deliverables ?
  • How and why Gestalt principles can make or break your designs

  • The origins of Gestalt thinking and the principles of perceptual organization

  • How to use Gestalt laws in web and product design

  • How to take a Gestalt-driven approach to improve a web user’s experience

  • How to analyze existing product and web designs according to the Gestalt principles of perceptual organization

More about this course
  • One of the key ingredients to a successful product is the creation of effective, efficient and visually pleasing displays. In order to produce such high-quality displays, whether they are graphical (e.g., websites) or tangible (e.g., remote controls), an understanding of human vision is required, along with the knowledge of visual perception. By observing, researching, and identifying examples of our perceptual abilities, we can design products according to these unifying qualities. In order to spread such skills within the world of interaction design, we have developed “Gestalt Psychology and Web Design: The Ultimate Guide.”

  • Within this course, we have compiled and consolidated some of the best resources currently available on the subject of Gestalt psychology and visual perception. To help you appreciate how you can apply Gestalt psychology to web design, we have provided many different examples from existing designs. These draw attention to the exact qualities, quirks, and features of visual perception. Moreover, they discuss how these have been accommodated and, on a number of occasions, exploited so as to support either the user's intentions or those of the designer or client.

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