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Game Development refers to the processes involved in the creation of a video game. Game development usually requires a high level of creativity along with good knowledge of software development.

Most professionals in game development start their career as a fresh graduate, a Software Developer or a Web Developer. With knowledge in game development or a certification, one can become a Team Lead or a Technical Director.

Naukri Learning offers a variety of professional certification courses in Game Development which will help you to become an expert in the field. Some of the other related courses are Mobile App Development, Web Technologies and Frontend & UI Technologies.

Why should you go for a certification in Game Development?

Professional certification courses offer candidates with hands-on experience which can help them be job ready. Some of the advantages of a certification in game development are:
• Based on a Naukri Survey, 67% of the recruiters mentioned that they prefer certified candidates and are also willing to pay higher
• You will gain practical knowledge of different software development techniques and methods used in creating video games.
• You will have hands-on experience in the popular software and tools used in creating video games.
• You will improve your chances of landing a job of your choice with the help of a certification.

Who should go for a certification in Game development?

• Fresh Graduates
Software Developers
• Web Developers
• Web Designers

What are the key skills associated with Game Development?

• Proficient in one of the programming languages like Java, C++, C#, etc.
• Good understanding of game development techniques.
• Advanced analytical and technical problem-solving skills.
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

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Career Outcomes

  • Game Developers
    • Video Game Designers/Architects
    • Technical Lead/Team Lead
    • Technical Director/Head of Engineering
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  1. All in One Complete Game Development Suite

    Complete Game Development Suite is a comprehensive training program that imparts the basics of Unity system as well as Unity scripting for 3D game development. Participants will be able to create real time games upon completion of this course. With the growing video gaming craze businesses across the globe are acutely seeking proficient 3D game developers.

    359 Students
    Course Selling Partner
  2. All in one 3D Game Development Suite

    Allowing the candidate to design 2D and 3D animation with the help of unity system, this certification covers practical and theoretical skills of video games | It is taught by experts with good experience building games and taking you through game production| 3D Game Development Suite is one of the sought-after design programs in the world| The course includes developing a game concept, navigate licensing and other business thoughts| The demand for video games is on the rise and as a result organizations are looking for aspiring 3D game developers | It is perfect for anyone interested in gaining the skills required in making games

    Course Selling Partner
  3. All in One Game Development For Non Coders Suite

    A training program that teaches the basics of unity system and scripting for 3D game development, All in One Game Development for Non Coders Suite is perfect for 3D game developers | It also allows the candidates to design 2D and 3D animation with the help of unity system| Moreover, it will take you down a guided learning path. With the growing gaming craze, companies are hiring individuals who have 2D and 3D animation skills| it takes you through biped animation with character studios, python game development, HTML games with no coding and some other essential tools to create great effects using unity 3D| The demand for game developers is huge, so make a career in game development and designing techniques

    Course Selling Partner
  4. All in one Animation Suite

    Equipped participants to learn the technicalities of 2D and 3D animation, All in one Animation Suite covers everything you require to create rich, customized design | It includes the infusion of life into pictures and make them look appealing on screen| The program explore 2D and 3D software and in-depth from a core part of the Animation industry |Candidates will obtain thorough knowledge in key framing concepts, biped rollouts and other important concepts |Other learning benefits come with this training program are creating digital sculptures using Mudbox software, digital artistry and promo videos| The demand for animators will keep increasing in television, industries and movies

    575 Students
    Course Selling Partner
  5. All in One HTML5 App and Game Development Suite

    A comprehensive training program, HTML5 App and Game Development covers everything from basic to android game development | with continuous improvement in mobile hardware, this course allows applicant to design 2D and 3D animation using unity system | Moreover, it is designed for building successful businesses by writing unique content and multi-platform games| With growing craze for video games, businesses are looking for skilled 3D game developers | This course will allow the participants to develop the game once and publish anywhere | It can be taken up by anyone from any type of background (no prior coding is required)

    364 Students
    Course Selling Partner

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