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Exploring Renewable Energy Schemes

Exploring Renewable Energy Schemes


Course Highlights

  • 12 Hours of E-learning content, tests etc

  • Offered By University of Pennsylvania

  • Identify the essential characteristics and technical requirements of photovoltaic, wind, and low head hydroelectric energy systems.

  • SKILLS YOU WILL GAIN: Renewable Energy, Energy Systems, Power and Energy Calculations, Energy Audits & more

Mode of learning: Online self study

Course Overview

What are the course deliverables ?

  • Identify the essential characteristics and technical requirements of photovoltaic, wind, and low head hydroelectric energy systems.

  • Integrate scientific and technological principles necessary to assess and implement small-scale renewable energy schemes.

  • Develop a plan for implementing a small-scale renewable energy scheme.

More about this course
  • What do you picture when you hear the term “renewable energy?” Do you imagine fields of solar panels, giant windmills, or huge hydroelectric dams? Those are all examples of large-scale, grid-tied systems. In this course, we’ll go much smaller and focus on off-grid, stand-alone systems.

  • We will explore the key components of photovoltaic, wind, and hydroelectric systems. We will examine photovoltaic, or PV, system components, and the scientific laws essential to understanding how renewable energy systems work. We will discuss wind energy and low-head hydroelectric systems, focusing on small-scale implementations. During our exploration of these systems, we will focus on safety and regulating bodies that guide proper system design. Throughout the course, you will be able to apply what you’re learning by conducting an energy audit to analyze power consumption, identifying essential system components of small-scale systems, building a budget for a small-scale system design, and creating a design for implementing a small-scale system.

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