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Distance MBA refers to any management education that one acquires through distance learning methods. The difference between a normal MBA and a distance MBA is the element of distance between the education provider and the learner.

Most aspirants who go for distance MBA are working professionals or those who want to attend an MBA program from an institute which they cannot attend physically. Distance MBA offers students with the flexibility to attend classes from anywhere and usually, any time.

Naukri Learning offers some of the prominent distance MBA programs from some of the reputed organisations. There are also a variety of other MBA courses which you might be interested in like Full-time MBA, Part-time MBA, and Online MBA.

Benefits of an Distance MBA

• It allows candidates study wherever and sometimes, whenever you want without having the fear of missing classes.
• Distance MBA programs are specifically designed to target working professionals, allowing them to earn a degree without leaving their job.
• It allows aspirants who cannot afford to relocate, the ability to get an MBA degree from a university of their choice.
Why should you go for a Distance MBA?

Having an MBA degree can open up numerous career opportunities and boost your job profile. Some of the other reasons why you should go for a Distance MBA are:
• You will acquire the same fundamental knowledge as that of a candidate attending a normal MBA course.
• It will improve your profile and most distance MBA degrees from reputed institutes are widely-accepted by top organisations.
• You will improve your communication, leadership, negotiation and interpersonal skills with an MBA program.
• You will have the requisite knowledge to become an entrepreneur or start your own business.
• You can get a chance to hugely improve your career options and get an increased salary.
Who can go for a Distance MBA program?

• Fresh graduates
• Experienced professionals
• Entry-level management professionals

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