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Course Highlights

  • Placement Training

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Hands On Exercises

Duration: 42 Days

Mode of learning: Classroom

Course Overview

What are the course deliverables ?
  • Introduction to Data Science

  • Data Science Overview

  • Basic Python for Data Science

  • Introduction to Python

  • Understanding Operators

  • Variables and Data Types

  • Conditional Statements

  • Looping Constructs

  • Functions

  • Data Structure

  • Lists

  • Dictionaries

  • Understanding Standard Libraries in Python

  • Reading a CSV File in Python

  • Data Frames and basic operations with Data Frames

  • Indexing Data Frame

  • Understanding Statistics of Data Science

  • Introduction to Statistics

  • Measures of Central Tendency

  • Understanding the spread of data

  • Data Distribution

  • Introduction to Probability

  • Probabilities of Discreet and Continuous Variables

  • Central Limit Theorem and Normal Distribution

  • Introduction to Inferential Statistics

  • Understanding the Confidence Interval and margin of error

  • Hypothesis Testing

  • T tests

  • Chi Squared Tests

  • Understanding the concept of Correlation

  • Predictive Modeling and the basics of Machine Learning

  • Introduction to Predictive Modeling

  • Understanding the types of Predictive Models

  • Stages of Predictive Models

  • Hypothesis Generation

  • Data Extraction

  • Data Exploration

  • Reading the data into Python

  • Variable Identification

  • Univariate Analysis for Continuous Variables

  • Univariate Analysis for Categorical Variables

  • Bivariate Analysis

  • Treating Missing Values

  • How to treat Outliers

  • Transforming the Variables

  • Basics of Model Building

  • Linear Regression

  • Logistic Regression

  • Decision Trees

  • K-means

  • This program is for beginners. There are no prerequisites.

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Muhammed Arshid k

Amazing traing on data science. Where teaching fundemental of data science like statistics. Teach python for data science qnd some machine learning algorithams Its pratical knowledge using python.

Bipul Kumar

It was a bright sunny day when I enrolled for Data Science Training on Internshala and took the first step towards making a career in data scientist. I was always allured by data, and analysing data, drawing conclusions from it and making data-driven decisions. There are what I had dreamed of doing all along. Here is my experience of the same. Undergone 6-week online training. Learned the basics of python, statistics, predictive modeling, and machine learning. Participated in Internshala Data Science Challenge powered by Analytics Vidhya. Worked on a project to build an end-to-end predictive model to predict whether the policyholder (customer) will pay next premium on time or not. Scored 100% in the final assessment. A comprehensive training along with hands-on learning experience for a beginner starting with Data Science. Instructors were awesome. They make complex algorithms simpler and granular which are then comprehensible and easy to implement. P.S. Most recommended.

Soham Ghosh

A well balance course for a proper self learning process.It is highly recommended for people those who wants to do proper knowledge gain...

Abhishek Pandey

Data Science Certification Review

It cleared all my basic concepts regarding Data Science. Basic concepts like introduction to data science , Python for Data Science, statistics in data science, basics of machine learning and predictive modelling were the topics covered. This certification will give you an edge over other candidates with no previous experience in the field of data science.
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