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What is Data Analysis?

Data analysis is the process of gathering, cleaning, transforming and modelling data with the intent of discovering meaningful information, which can support decision-making processes. Data analysis has various steps and techniques, including data mining, data collection, data cleaning and data processing.

Most data analysis professionals start their career as a Software Developer, a Research Analyst or even as fresh graduates. With experience and a professional certification, you can move to a higher-level position as a Data Analyst, a Data Scientist or a Data Architect.

Naukri Learning offers a variety of online professional executive programs and courses in data analysis to help you become job ready. There are other executive programs, which you can enrol for like Data Scientist, Executive MBA and Finance & Risk Management.

What are the benefits of Data Analysis?

Data analysis has tremendous impact on the successful functioning of any organisation in this Digital Age. Some prominent advantages of data analysis across industries are:
• It allows the discovery of any information that is critical to achieving an organisation’s business objective.
• Organisations can identify their potential customers and their purchasing behaviours with the help of data analysis.
• Through data analysis, organisations can have a better understanding of their position in the market as compared to their competitors.
• The findings from data analysis can be applied across all industries irrespective of the data type.
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Why Data Analysis is Important?

A certification can help you to become a skilled data analysis professional. Outlined below are the advantages of a data analysis certification:
• Based on a Naukri survey, 67% of the recruiters mentioned that they prefer certified candidates and are also willing to pay higher.
• Improve your current profile and resume with a certification. Increase your chances of being successful in a data analysis interview.
• Learn the advanced analytical techniques and processes like data mining, data cleansing and data processing, which are essential for a core data analytics profile.
• Become proficient in some of the popular data analysis tools and software used in the industry.

Who Should do Data Analysis Course?

• Engineering/MBA/Commerce graduates
• IT/Banking/Finance professionals
• IT Analysts/Research Analyst
• Test Engineers/Software Developers

What are the key skills associated with Data Analysis?

• High-level analytical and problem-solving skills.
• Fundamental knowledge in statistics and mathematics.
• Hands-on experience in spreadsheet like Advanced MS Excel.
• Experience in statistical language like R, SAS and SPSS.
• Experience in any scripting language like Python, Java or Scala.
• Knowledge of database management systems and querying language like SQL or NoSQL.
• Good data visualisation skills using tools like Tableau, QlikView and Power BI.

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Career Outcomes

  • Data Analysis Career Path

    After the completion of a data analysis certification course, candidates can find opportunities in one of the professional fields immediately or in the future:
    Data Analyst/Data Architect
    Data Scientist
    Financial Analyst
    Business Analyst/Business Intelligence Analyst
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  1. Certificate Programme in Technology and Management (CTM)

    Indian Institute of Technology, Madras and Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore have now collaborated to provide a Certificate Programme in 'Technology and Management' - an online programme to impart knowledge of the current industry trends in Technical and Managerial disciplines | The Certificate Programme in Technology and Management (CTM) aims at expanding learners’ technical know-how and broadens the scope for higher-level management opportunities. It brings together a unique, active learning blend of technical and business skills for working professionals | CTM is a 10-month long programme, offered in three modules. Each module spans for about three months, comprising technical and management courses. On successful completion of the programme, the candidate receives a ‘Certificate in Technology and Management’

    Online ClassroomIntermediate
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    Data Science , Machine Learning , Data Visualization

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  2. Executive Post Graduate Certificate in Information Technology Management & Analytics

    Executive Post Graduate Certificate in Information Technology Management and Analytics (EPGCITMA)is conceived with the idea of providing specialized learning in the specific business function of information technology. Information and communication technologies are driving developments in several business sectors | This provides immense opportunities for modern day managers to understand practice and innovate with these new systems and processes driving business growth. Adequate exposure to this road to success is rapidly becoming a prerequisite in modern day business management. This program is designed to equip the managers with the necessary tool set needed to seize this opportunity

    225 HoursOnline ClassroomIntermediate
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    Digital , Big Data , Entrepreneurship , Cloud Computing , Cyber Security , IOT

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  3. Cutting Edge Analytics

    The field of analytics is changing at a very fast pace necessitating use of new tools and techniques. Big Data has become a common term and many organizations are keen on benefiting from analysis of such data. Text data, image data, video data, shape data, graph data, location data etc are now being commonly used together for answering complex and difficult questions. Fast streaming data such as those generated by IoT devices such as sensors and GPS devices poses the question of how such data can be analysed accurately and quickly. This requires new skills both in information technology and statistics. |

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    Big Data , IOT , Machine Learning , Data Analysis

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