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Cyber Security refers to the protection of computer systems, any internet-connected devices or electronic data from cyber-attacks. Organisations need to keep up with the latest technologies and cybersecurity threats. So, they hire skilled professionals who can keep their information and computer systems secure.

Most cyber security professionals are IT professionals who start their career as a Software Developer, a System Analyst or a Network Engineer. With a certification in network or cyber security one can get the opportunity to work as a Security Consultant, an IT Security Specialist or an IT Security Manager.

Naukri Learning offers a variety of online professional certification courses in cyber security which can help you become a skilled IT security professional. You can enrol in other similar courses like Ethical Hacking, Network Security and Cyber Law.

What are the benefits of Cyber Security?

Cyber security is vital nowadays as most of the businesses are connected online. Following are some of the benefits of cyber security:
• Businesses need to protect their vital information from outside threats, and cyber security can provide that protection.
• Cyber security allows the smooth functioning of an organisation. If an organisation is under constant threat of cyberattacks, the productivity of its employees get hampered.
• Cyber threats can lead to website lockdown or even shut down, leading to huge losses in business and profit. This is why cyber security is necessary for organisations to perform their business efficiently.

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Why should you go for a Cyber Security certification course?

Earning a cyber security certification can boost your chances of becoming a security specialist in one of the top organisations. Some of the other reasons why you should enrol in a certification course are:
• Based on a Naukri survey, 67% of the recruiters mentioned that they prefer certified candidates and are also willing to pay higher.
• You will have a knowledge of major security threats that harm systems and how to prevent risks.
• You will gain a comprehensive skill set which will help you to be job ready.
• You will acquire hands-on experience in some of the essential tools and techniques used in the industry.

Who should go for a Cyber Security certification course?

• IT professionals
Software Developers/Engineers
• Security Analysts/Engineers
• Security Managers

What are the key skills associated with Cyber Security?

• Good knowledge of computer systems and their vulnerabilities.
• Knowledge of tools and techniques used against cyber threats.
• Ability to understand risks and mitigate it quickly.
• High-level analytical and problem-solving skills.
• Excellent communication skills.

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Career Outcomes

  • With a certification in ethical hacking, you can expect to get opportunities in the following career profiles:
    • Security Manager
    • Security Consultants
    • CyberSecurity Analyst
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  1. CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CSA+)

    CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CSA+) is an international, vendor-neutral cybersecurity certification offered by a non-profit trade association, The Computing Technology Industry Association. This CompTIA CSA+ course will provide the requisite training to the candidates to have critical knowledge and skills that are required to prevent, detect and combat cybersecurity threats | Candidates get a boost to their career by gaining expertise in securing and analysing IT assets at the hardware and software levels | The course covers various topics like network architecture, threat identification, threat mitigation, monitoring security issues, and other related areas

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  2. Vskills Certified Cyber Security Analyst Government Certification

    This certification institutes & enhances awareness of aspirants as per the company need for cyber security and forensics. Knowledge acquired by the certification includes cybercrime, IT Act 2000, cyber offenses, wireless devices cybercrime, phishing, keyloggers, backdoors, SQL injection, DDoS attacks, identity theft, computer and wireless forensics, cyber terrorism, social media marketing, incident handling and privacy.

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  3. Postgraduate Diploma in Cyber Security

    Information security can be defined as the protection of information and information systems from unauthorised access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction in order to provide confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Today, Information Security is becoming a function of increasing importance for the continued operation of commercial entities. The increasing level of interconnectedness of information networks and the reliance of business models on this interconnectedness has resulted in a network currently (the Internet) that has over a yottabyte of information stored, much of which is unsecured. This continuing trend is predicted to strongly increase the importance of Information Security within most multinational entities

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  4. PG Certificate in Information and Cyber Security

    N L Dalmia Institute of Management Studies & Research offers the first of it’s kind in India –6 months post-graduation certificate in Information and Cyber Security | The course divided into three stages, gives the students a unique opportunity to develop their careers in ethical hacking and cyber security. The course is a perfect fit for students with a strong engineering/sciences background in computer sciences and information technology. The course would holistically cover everything right from the basics of penetration testing to cyber laws.

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