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    Which profiles can go for a Big Data Developer role? Following profiles can easily go for a big data developer position: sdsdsdsdsdsd • Freshers • Software Developers • UI Developers • Testing Engineers • Data Analyst • Project Managers/Project Leads/Senior Managers Who can become a Big Data Developer? • Experienced professionals – With the required experience in big data development, it would be easy for you to get a big data developer job in the field. • Non-experienced professionals o If you do not have experience in the field, recruiters are less likely to hire you. Hence, such professionals take up a certification course in big data development to gain the required skills. • Freshers – If you are a fresh graduate and want to become a big data developer, you can acquire the skills through training. Naukri Learning offers various courses on Big Data and Hadoop for various levels that can help them to fast track their career, get better jobs and higher salaries. Eligibility for a Big Data Development profile There are no fixed eligibility criteria to become a big data developer. However, it is preferable to have working knowledge of java. Also, most of the big data developers are graduates in Engineering, Science, Maths, Statistics or any other related field. Why are candidates going for a big data developer profile? Nowadays, professionals and fresh graduates are getting more interested in the big data industry and looking for opportunities in a Big Data role Salaries are higher in the big data industry and hence, fresh graduates take up short-term online courses to become big data developers. Here are some of the common reasons: • Fresh/B.E/B.Tech/BCA graduates o They generally join as Java/PHP/C++ developers in the industry. Average salaries of Java developers are lower than a big data developer. • Testing Engineers/Software Developers/UI Engineers: o Every software engineer and most UI developers/test engineers know basic languages like Java/PHP/C++, leading to fierce competition amongst them and fewer chances of getting into one of the top software firms. On the other hand, big data developers are in demand and very few candidates are proficient in the technology associated with the field. Salaries offered are much higher than software developers on generic technologies. o As big data development is a growing field with scope for high growth, the career growth can also be good as compared to software development. • Data Analysts: o Data analysts with big data skills are very rare. Organisations look for big data developers who have experience in data analysis and are willing to provide a good pay package. • Project Managers/Project Leads/Senior Managers o Since relevance of Big Data has increased tremendously amongst companies, Project Managers and Senior Managers are learning Big Data to keep themselves updated with the latest technologies. They can also get projects in their existing companies once the company decides to move to Big Data. Also, salaries and career growth offered to such experienced professionals are higher compared to their peers.

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