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Creating Virtual Reality (VR) Apps

Creating Virtual Reality (VR) Apps

Learn the tools and techniques to develop your own professional VR app in Unity 3D.


Course Highlights

  • Requires effort of 5-7 hours per week

  • Learn from expert instructor with almost two decades of experience in virtual reality who leads the Immersive Visualization Laboratory at UC San Diego.

  • Earn a certificate from The University of California, San Diego

Duration: 42 Days

Mode of learning: Online self study

Course Overview

What are the course deliverables ?
  • Develop professional VR apps using Unity 3D

  • Run Unity 3D applications in VR on a smartphone

  • Create a 3D environment from scratch in game engines

  • Select and manipulate objects with various input types

  • Move around a 3D world using unique locomotion methods

  • Create intuitive 3D menus to control applications

  • Design unique methods of 3D interaction

  • Input alphanumeric information, such as text and numbers, in VR

  • Build tools to help users navigate 3D environments

  • Learn key usability goals and pitfalls for Virtual Reality

More about this course
  • Build professional VR apps using Unity 3D, a powerful cross-platform 3D engine that provides a user-friendly development environment. In this course, part of the Virtual Reality Professional Certificate program, you will learn how to build a VR engine from the ground up, so you fully understand the entire rendering pipeline from 3D model to pixels in the VR display. We will also cover motion prediction, 3D stereo, lens distortion, time warp and other optimizations for a fluid, realistic VR experience.

  • You will also learn how to implement the most important VR interaction concepts such as selection, manipulation, travel, wayfinding, menus, and text input in Unity.

  • Prerequisites: Basic linear algebra skills in vector and matrix mathematics, as well as coordinate system transformations

  • Basic programming experience in C, C++ or C#

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    Yes, you can start your course in the audit track, and upgrade to the verified track later. However, to access graded assignments you will need to upgrade to the verified track.
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