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What is Business Analytics?

Business Analytics is a step-wise process of transforming data into insights using statistical methods to contribute to business decision making. It is a methodical study of an organization's data and is all about harnessing the power of analytics in business. It is a process that helps businesses to identify weaknesses in the existing processes and highlight meaningful data to meet the ever-growing business challenges.
Business analytics has now become a buzzword in the industries that make use of data for their decision-making processes. A number of companies committed to data-driven decision-making are extensively using business analytics and require professionals who have earned a business analyst course or business analyst certification or have hands on experience working with business analytics.
Business Analytics has a major role to play in business decision making with real-time analysis. Senior management these days thrive for data-driven decision making that has a larger impact on the product as well as its marketing. The market poses continual and strong demand for business analysts and Indian job market has a major role to play in revolutionizing the job market for Business Analytics. More than 1.2 million jobs are expected to be created across industries like IT & ITES, retail, banking, healthcare, ecommerce, hospitality, manufacturing, to name a few.

Some of the popular tools used in Business Analytics to create insights include –
# Data visualization
# Data mining
# Data management
# Business intelligence reporting software
# Self-service analytics platforms
# Statistical analysis tools
# Forecasting simulation and optimization
# Big data platforms

Types of Business Analytics

# Descriptive Analytics – Process of tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) to understand the present state of the business
# Predictive Analytics – Data analysis to assess the likelihood of future results | # Prescriptive Analytics – A methodology to use past performance for generating recommendations to handle similar situations in future
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Importance of Business Analytics Course

Business analytics can hugely improve the business processes in an organisation and provide insights that can help top executives make the right decisions.
According to a Naukri Survey, 67% of the recruiters mentioned that they prefer certified candidates and are also willing to pay higher.
Some of the other benefits that you can get from a certification in business analytics are:
# The higher your skill levels are, the better are the job opportunities
# With recognition comes better salary and compensation
# You will learn the fundamentals of business analytics and learn to apply the techniques in the industry
# You will also get the skills to find solutions to complex business problems with the help of advanced tools

Popular Business Analytics Courses

# Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics (PGDBA)
# PG Program In Business Analytics And Business Intelligence (PGP-BABI)
# PG Program in Data Science and Machine Learning (PGPDM)
# PG Certificate Program In Data Science & Machine Learning
# PG Diploma in Data Science
# Executive Program In Business Analytics (EPBA)
# PG Certificate in Business Analytics for Management Decisions (PGCBAMD)
# PGDM/MBA in Business Analytics
# Executive Program in Big Data & Machine Learning
# PG Executive Certificate Program (PGEP) in Data Science & Big Data
# Advanced Business Analytics Course
# Applied Data Science with Python Certification

How to Choose the Right Business Analytics Course?

# If the course provides a foundational understanding of machine learning
# Is the course certified?
# Are the algorithms explained well and are explanations provided, wherever required?

Popular Business Analytics Course Providers

# Simplilearn
# Eduonix
# Intellipaat
# Pearson
# Coursera
# Digital Vidya
# Great Lakes Institute of Management
# Jigsaw Academy
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Who should do Business Analytics Course?

The following candidates can start a career in business analytics with the required certification and skills:
• MBA graduates
• Junior Business Analysts
Software Engineers/Developers
• IT Analysts/Testers
• Research Analysts

Business Analyst Keyskills

# Knowledge of diagramming, data crunching, wireframing, computer programming, big data mining techniques, database management, and systems engineering
# Working knowledge of R for statistical analysis, and Python for general programming
# Knowledge of statistical software such as SPSS, SAS, Sage and Mathematica
# Excellent command over Microsoft Excel
# Curiosity and drive to continue learning
# Logical thinking
# Ability to assess risks and prioritize competing business demands
# Predictive analytics and statistics for making recommendations
# Critical thinking
# Ability to translate and visualize data concisely and accurately
# Detail-oriented
# Futuristic approach
# Structured thinking
# Proficient in MS Office Suite, viz. MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS Visio, and MS Word.
# Good data analysis and data modelling skills, including practical knowledge in SQL and related data manipulation languages
# Knowledge in data visualisation and business intelligence tools like
Tableau, QlikView, Power BI and SAP BI.

Why should you choose a Business Analyst Course

Taking up a business analyst course or business analyst certification will improve your employability and will also help you to learn new skills. Here are some of the reasons why should you take up any business analyst training -
# Applicability of business analytics across different industries
# Contribute to managerial decision making through predictive modeling and machine learning
# Excellent remunerations. Average salary of a business consultant is around Rs. 10 Lacs per annum, while highly experienced professionals are paid somewhere around Rs. 25 - 30 Lacs per annum
# Exposure to a mainstream role in project management
# With Internet of things (IoT) becoming the future of IT industry, demands for professionals to manage voluminous amount of structured or unstructured data will go up
# Make informed and smart business decisions
# Better freelancing opportunities
# According to a Naukri Survey, 67% of the recruiters mentioned that they prefer certified candidates and are also willing to pay higher
# Get an opportunity to work with the best companies in India, including Amazon, J. P. Morgan, IBM, TCS, WIPRO, Infosys, etc.
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Career Outcomes

  • How to become a Business Analyst?

    Who is a business analyst? Business analysts are someone with advanced analytics knowledge and a strong domain expertise. They are supposed to develop business cases and defining customer business functions and processes as per requirements and contribute in developing a comprehensive change in management strategy. You are also expected to interact with stakeholders and seek the required information, document the information and help a project to move forward. Besides, you should also be able to conduct user acceptance testing and offer plausible solutions to prevalent business problems. Here is how you can become a Business Analytics professional –

    No Prior Knowledge
    # Gain experience in a volunteer role with a small company or take up any summer internship
    # Go through BABOK reference book to understand business analysis tools and techniques
    # Develop strong communication, critical thinking and problem-solving skills
    # Improve your networking with other business analysts
    # Learn about documentation, data and problem analysis, visual modeling and elicitation
    # Join a Business Analysis training institute

    Basic Knowledge
    # Learn software methodologies like SDLC Model, Component Assembly Model, Prototype Model, JAD Model, RAD Model, Spiral Model, Scrum, etc.
    # Work on your analytical skills to ensure problem identification in business, software and information
    # Opt for a hands-on experience in any Business Analytics organization
    # Take up any professional BA course and acquire the advanced skills

    Intermediate Knowledge
    # Develop your technical skill sets, learn about Scripting Languages, Querying Languages, Spreadsheet, Statistical Language, Programming and Big Data Tools # Take up any graduate certification in business analytics and learn business data analytics, operations research, project management, database analytics, and predictive analytics
    # Learn Unified Modelling Languages, Global Business Analysis Phases, Software Testing, among others
    # Learn to writing compelling business cases and requirements documents

    Advanced Knowledge
    # Take up certifications like Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP), Certified Business Analysis Thought Leads (CBATL) or Certified Business Analysis Thought Leader (CBATL)
    # Learn to perform market research and competition analysis, and prepare reports
    # Develop project management and people management skills
    # Take up Advanced Business Analytics Specialization
    # Work on your decision making and problem solving skills
    # Improve your communication skills and core skills
    # Follow various Business Analytics blogs and communities

    There are no fixed eligibility criteria to become a business analyst. However, it is preferable to have skills in MS Excel, data modelling and documentation. Preference is given to candidates with a Bachelor's/Master’s degree in Engineering, Business Administration, Business Analytics, Data Science, Applied Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Accounting or Information Systems. Business analyst requirements also include having a full-time work experience to take up the course.

    Who can become a Business Analyst?

    # MBA Graduates
    # Data Analysts
    # Software Developers/ Engineers
    # IT Analysts/Testers
    # Project Managers
    # Sales professionals
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  1. Fundamentals of Crystal Reports 2011

    The course enables business users to take out and present formatted reports from business data, which comes from an array of sources. Participants will get the fundamentals of report design and basis for more advanced programs in the SAP BI curriculum. In order to understand it, SAP renders the crystal reports 2011 reporting tool. The range of business data shows huge potential for understanding and responding to the needs of the customers. The course also provides an introduction of the crystal reports 2011 encompassing an initiation to the user-friendly interface and plethora of layout options.

    2.5 HoursOnline self studyBeginner
    $ 68 Take this Course

    SAP BI ,

    Locations: Noida , Delhi , Gurgaon , Chandigarh , Bangalore , Hyderabad , Chennai , Ernakulam

    Course Selling Partner
  2. Business Analytics Certification Training with Excel

    Business analytics (BA) is the practice of iterative, methodical exploration of an organization's data, with an emphasis on statistical analysis. | This Business Analytics Certification Training with Excel course has been designed specifically to initiate candidates to the world of analytics | It provides extensive training to candidates on MS Excel, one of the most common analytical tools which will help in kick-starting their career in analytics | Designed by some of the experts in the industry, this course provides a holistic learning experience to the candidates with quality learning modules | It covers a plethora of topics like pivot tables, dashboarding, importing functions, and other related areas | Candidates will get a course-completion certification

    12 HoursOnline self studyIntermediate
    $ 171 Take this Course

    Business Analytics , Data Analysis

    Locations: Noida , Delhi , Gurgaon , Chandigarh , Bangalore , Hyderabad , Chennai , Ernakulam

    Course Selling Partner
  3. Vskills Certified Business Analytics Professional Government Certification

    This certification institutes & enhances awareness of aspirants as per the company need for analysis of business. Knowledge acquired by the certification includes decision models, data visualization, statistics, probability, predictive modeling, regression analysis, forecasting, simulation, data mining, optimization and decision analysis.

    100 hoursOffline self studyIntermediate
    $ 121 Take this Course

    Data Visualization , Business Analytics

    Course Selling Partner
  4. Business Analytics SAS R Combo
    4866 Students

    It is an all-in-course designed to give a 360 degree overview of R programming and use of SAS Software. The major topics include Data Structures, Variables, Control Flow, Functions and getting Data into the R environment, Overview of Statistics in R, Descriptive Statistics, Inferential Statistics, Linear Regression, Sophisticated Graphics in R, R programming for Mapping and GIS and Integrating R programming with Hadoop. The course further covers Data Values using SAS Formats, Reading SAS data sets, Reading spreadsheet and database data, Manipulating data using SAS functions, Debugging techniques using the PUTLOG Statement.

    35.5 HoursOnline self studyBeginner
    $ 234 Take this Course

    Data Scientist , Big Data , Sales

    Locations: Noida , Delhi , Gurgaon , Chandigarh , Bangalore , Hyderabad , Chennai , Ernakulam

    Course Selling Partner
  5. Vskills Certified Business Intelligence Professional

    Vskills certification for Business Intelligence assesses the candidate for a company’s data analytics and business intelligence needs. The certification tests the candidates on various areas in business intelligence which includes knowledge of planning, designing, implementing and maintaining the organization’s data warehouse, data mining, data analytics and data intelligence for better decision making. "The certification is intended for professionals and graduates wanting to excel in their chosen areas. It is also well suited for those who are already working and would like to take certification for further career progression. | Earning Vskills Business Intelligence Professional Certification can help candidate differentiate in today's competitive job market, broaden their employment opportunities by displaying their advanced skills, and result in higher earning potential. "

    8 HoursOnline self studyBeginner
    ₹ 4,719 Take this Course

    ERP , SCM

    Locations: Noida , Delhi , Gurgaon , Chandigarh , Bangalore , Hyderabad , Chennai , Ernakulam

    Course Selling Partner
  6. Business Analytics Expert Master's Program

    Simplilearn’s Business Analytics Expert master’s program will provide you with extensive expertise in data analytics. With this Business Analytics Expert course, you will learn to master statistical and analytical tools such as hypothesis testing, clustering, decision trees, data visualization, regression models, data blending, data extracts, R Studio, ad-hoc analytics, heat map, tree map, Waterfall, Pareto, Gantt charts, and forecasting. | Our Business Analytics course will train you to apply statistics and predictive analytics techniques in a business environment, transforming you to become job-ready.


    Business Analytics , Data Visualization , Tableau , Marketing , Data Science , Machine Learning

    Brochure Course Provider
  7. Program in Business Analytics

    The use of business analytics has grown exponentially in all areas, including healthcare, government, retail, e-commerce, media, manufacturing, and the service industry. The result is an increased need for employees with an analytical approach to management who can utilize data, understand statistical and quantitative models, and are able to make better data-driven business decisions | Columbia’s MicroMasters® program in Business Analytics will empower learners with the skills, insights and understanding to improve business performance using data, statistical and quantitative analysis, and explanatory and predictive modelling to help make actionable decisions.

    Online ClassroomIntermediate
    Enquire Now

    Business Analytics , Retail , Big Data , Relational Databases , Languages , Sales , Marketing

    Course Provider
  8. Advanced Business Analytics with R

    Learn to derive business insights from large and Complex data. In-depth course in Business analytics. In this course you will learn: | Optimize business situations that involve whole numbers, such as employees to deploy & Optimize business decisions that take multiple input variables to predict between two possible outputs. | Model decisions under a variety of future uncertain states, depending on the decision maker's proneness or aversion to risks | Compute correlation where, at first glance, there seem to be none – correlation between data points in a time series & compute the regression model for time series data that has correlation within itself | Optimise business situations where two variables do not move in a linear fashion & test hypothesis for experiments involving different treatments | Model continuous outcomes that depend on more than one input variable & Group data points dynamically based on the similarities among the members of each group

    Online ClassroomIntermediate

    Business Analytics , Data Science , Big Data

    Brochure Course Provider
  9. Online ClassroomIntermediate
    Enquire Now

    Course Provider
  10. PG Certificate in Business Analytics with Virginia Tech US

    The Virginia Tech Postgraduate Certificate in Business Analytics is an 11-month program, organised into six sequential units of approximately two months each. In each unit, you will take classes on different topics through both in-person and online instruction. Upon completion of all requirements, students will obtain a joint certificate from Virginia Tech University and N L Dalmia Centre for Excellence. Our classes are modular in approach led by a faculty member. Experts from industry and academia assist the lead faculty members. Each unit is comprised of in-person and online instruction. During the final three months, you are required to determine and complete a business analytics solution for an identified problem in a business domain of your choice

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  11. Executive PGDM in Business Analytics In Association with IBM

    Today’s dynamic business organisations run on data. CEOs, CFOs and other executives rely on data analysts to provide the information they require to make informed strategic decisions. JGBS offers working professionals and business students the opportunity to earn a prestigious Diploma in Business Analytics.This advanced degree furnishes its graduates with the vital skills in data analysis, data interpretation, data visualization and other areas of expertise that are in growing demand in the business world. JGBS’s program makes it easier than ever to enhance your academic credentials and position yourself for career advancement.

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    Business Analytics , Data Analysis , Data Visualization , Tableau , , Leadership , Supply chain management

    Brochure Course Provider
  12. Online ClassroomIntermediate
    Enquire Now

    Course Provider
  13. Predictive Business Analytics Course

    Data is the new oil, and there is an ever increasing demand for millions of professionals across the world to drill deep into that data, refine information and insights, and sell it to the world at large. As a result, there is a huge increase in demand for Analytics professionals who understand this domain | Keeping the growing demand of Business Analytics in mind, Bridge School of Management in association with Northwestern University, School of Professional Studies has designed its Predictive Business Analytics (PBA) program. This 11.5 month certificate program has been exclusively curated for India by the world-renowned faculty from Northwestern University, School of Professional Studies and top industry experts | The PBA program is designed for both working professionals and recent college graduates. All classes are held over the weekend to ensure working professionals can participate in the program alongside their current jobs.

    Enquire Now

    Business Analytics , Big Data , Tableau , Digital , Digital Marketing , Marketing

    Brochure Course Provider
  14. Executive PGDM - Business Analytics (Weekend Program)

    The Executive PGDM course with business analytics as specialisation educates students in both managerial, data analytics areas and trains them on how to make informed business decisions. The program is designed to provide clear understanding on | The areas of Data Acquisition, Analysis and reaching out to meaningful insights based on scientific judgements | The advance tools and techniques used in Analytics domain and Multivariate Data Analysis | Well-known statistical software being used by analytics industry and undergo Capstone projects

    Enquire Now

    Business Analytics , Data Analysis

    Course Provider
  15. Executive PGP in Business Analytics from ITM Business School, Chennai

    To prepare students in the critical areas of Data Acquisition and Data Analysis, and communicate relevant insights based on scientific judgement | To equip students with new-age tools and techniques used in Analytics domain | To help students gain expertise in popular statistical software that are widely used in Analytics industry | This course is a part of the iNurture-ITM partnership

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