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Birth of a Salesman - Film Based Learning Module on Selling Skills

Birth of a Salesman - Film Based Learning Module on Selling Skills

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Course Highlights

  • 14 Modules & Sub-modules

  • 20 Hours of E-learning content, tests etc

  • Interactive film based learning content

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Birth of a Salesman - Film Based Learning Module on Selling Skills

Validity: 30 Days

Mode of learning: Online self study

Course Overview

Who should do this course ?
  • Aspiring Sales Professionals

  • Sales Professionals with Work Experience

  • People with some experience in Business Development and / or Sales

What are the course deliverables ?
  • Modular Films: Integrated films, with a story, a concept, and punctuated into individual sections or clips, give you a flexible learn at your pace experience, and yet the feel of a film

  • 10 Expert Analysis: The films provide the emotional and experiential learning. But it is the expert analysis which interprets and drives home the specific learnings from the film

  • Ratings: Learn how to evaluate and rate a live call in action on various parameters. Compare your judgment with what experts feel

  • 10 In Film Quizzes and 1 Master Quiz: An essential part of all help the learner measure their own learnings and progress. The tests are in between video clips or sections and the final quiz

  • 10 Video Case Study Exercises: Short video evaluation exercises: on skills related to the sales call e.g. listening.

  • Certification from Knowlens

More about this course
  • Birth of a Salesman is a Film Based Learning Module on Selling Skills from Knowlens which is an integrated video based learning platform on the internet. This module would help you in learning and improving Selling Skills. This film is integrated with a lot of web based functionality including exercises, quizzes, ratings and other features to offer an enhanced learning experience. Birth of a Salesman is the gateway to the world of sales, the sales call. It analyses every stage of a sales call through Abhays story, who is a Sales professional. The story starts from preparing for a call, to final deal closing and the interim follow-ups. This is as close to real life scenario as it gets with competition, incentives, targets, good and bad customers both. The course also sheds light and gives you interesting tips on grooming, body language and other finer aspects that could make the difference between success and failure. These are depicted using a powerful and engaging film

Curriculum (14 Chapters)

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Film Based Learning System ? ?
    Films and Video based learning has emerged as the latest and most powerful way to learn sales. It provides live visual experience along with basic concepts. Therefore HT Shine in partnership with a company called Knowlens has launched a Film based Learning Module on Selling Skills called, Birth of a Salesman. .
    Film ? So it some collection of Bollywood and Hollywood film? ?
    No , it is a film made on Selling skills. It is story of a person who joins a Sales organization and then goes through various experiences, different customers, different sales styles , colleagues and helps you get a feel of a real life sales environment. .
    Does film based learning really help?
    Film based learning is being recognized as the best substitute for real life experience for teaching topics like sales - where there are emotions, experiences, which cannot be talked about but have to be seen or felt. Imagine you were told how to do a sales call versus seeing a sales person in action or being in a sales call yourself . Also its so much more fun. .
    What do I learn from this module? ?
    You will learn; Sales Planning, Review, Stages of a Sales Call like Preparation, Positioning, Objection Handling, Presentation, Closure, Follow up. .
    So I have to just watch the film .That is all? How does it work ? ?
    This module has multiple sections. Each section covers a topic and also is related to the other sections like the chapters in a book. Each Section has a main clip, Expert Analysis, a small test and ratings. There are a number of exercises and a Final Quiz at the end. .
    How long is it? How much time will it take? ?
    It will take 15-20 hours from start to finish. But you can learn this module at your own pace, since it comes with a validity of a month. You will be provided with an online link to the module with a username and a password. .
    Do I get any certificate at the end of the course? ?
    Yes ,you will get a Certificate from Knowlens at the end of the course. .
    Tell me the benefits of this module in a summary ? ?
    If you want to grow in your current organization, this module will help you in that.If you are looking for any job change and planning to appear for interviews , it would help you in polishing yourself. Lastly your skills would improve. .
    But there are so many videos available on Google freely. Why do I have to pay you for videos? ?
    On Google you may find videos, but not a complete Learning Module which is film based. This module covers the entire Sales Process as a part of its training, and has very high quality content.This is the content which is set in Indian Settings with Indian characters. You not only get to see the videos but do a lot of exercises which improve your skills. .
    If I am an experienced Sales Professional, then why do I need this ? ?
    It is a module with a lot of practical learning. You have learnt from your own experiences only this course is designed by experts who have studied the learnings of a large number of other sales professionals from various industries and put this together. It will also be a very good test of your own current thinking on sales. .
    Is this relevant for all kinds of sales profiles like Banking Sales, Pharma sales, Institutional sales? ?
    Birth of a Salesman is focussed on the basic skill in sales the sales call. This is needed for all types of sales in some industries, yes there are additional sales techniques, product features etc but these basics will help you irrespective of industry or product you sell. Our customers range from banks to software companies to internet portals to media companies and much more. .
    Can I use the course multiple times? ?
    Within the access period of one month, you may access the module as many times as you like. Once the course validity expires, however you will need to access the refresher module. .
    Is there a problem in video speeds? ?
    Modules work fine on most recent browsers and with normal datacards. It works just like a youtube video. If you have a broadband connection, its even better. .
    Do I need some special software to view the videos? ?
    No, you donot. All you need is a recent version of a browser IE 10 & above with Flash enabled, Chrome 38 & above.
    How do I know more about the course?
    You can either click on "Enquire Now" or "Call me back" button and one the counselors will get back to you. You can also send an email to
    How can I purchase this course?
    In case, the course is available for purchase through Naukri Learning, you will see "Take this course" button. Once you make the payment, we will send you an communication regarding further steps on Login credential etc.
    Is it safe to make an online payment?
    Yes, absolutely. We are a part of (Info Edge) and your transaction is fully secure and safe. We support multiple payment methods through our secure payment gateway.
    I have not received my login credential, what should I do?
    Please check your email and spam folder for login credentials email. In case you still do not find
    Is there a specific time within which I should complete my courses?
    Most of the courses have a specific validity period during which a course needs to be finished.
    Do I get a certificate on taking this course?
    For most courses, you will get a course completion certificate from our partner. This will be provided only on completion of course.
    Do I get a refund in case I do not like this course?
    We have 7 days exchange policy. Please send email to in case you have any issues related to the courses you have purchased. We don’t provide any refunds. Please inform about course(s) that you want in exchange of the ones purchased earlier and our support team will help you. This policy will not be applicable if the participant has accessed more than 30% of the e-Learning content or has attended more than 1 class. Applicable only through courses purchased through Naukri Learning. For others, please contact the course provider directly.
    How many courses can I take?
    As many as you want! You can plan your time and decide on any number of courses.
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