Market research indicates that 70% engineering college pass-outs refuse to work in core-IT domain. It is a staggering number for analysts, and why skilled candidate are entangled with the question of what to do after engineering. Might be a wrong choice, change in the economy, or mainly the change within you.

If you are puzzled and clueless about what to do post engineering degree, then let us offer some viable options to consider. It throws light on the alternate opportunities, clear the cobwebs, and make a thoughtful decision for the future. Here are the options:


Pursue Master in Business Administration


Indian economy have moved from being an IT-centric one to Outsourcing and Consulting. There are lucrative careers on offer in the dynamic world of business management and administration. Therefore, pursuing an MBA degree after graduation is a common trend in India. You can prepare for the CAT exam after graduation (or during the third year of your course) and give wings to a new career prospect. Moreover, an MBA degree, above the Engineering one, will give you the different career options to consider. MBAs with an engineering degree are the most sought after by top Fortune firms, so it’s a great investment of your time and money.

Recommended MBA Institutes in India:

  • IIM – Ahmedabad
  • Symbiosis Institute of Business Management – Pune
  • IIM – Bangalore
  • IIM – Indore
  • Overseas institutes in UK, Australia and USA, like London School of Economics*
    * Candidates must also clear the TOEFL exams to pursue education in English speaking nations.

Admission to these institutes require you to excel in CAT exam to get an invitation. The exam is held in November-December and CAT result is usually declared in the first week of January.


Pursue Master in IT


Engineering grads who have their eyes set on a high-flying IT career would consider pursuing Master in IT. A higher degree would boost your profile for IT/Engineering careers and leap you ahead of the competition. The global health of IT industry is expected to remain very robust and therefore a career in IT is a move towards secured future.

Recommended Institutes for M.Sc/M.Tech degrees:

  • BITS Pilani,
  • Vellore Engineering College,
  • Manipal IT Institute
  • All IIT College’s


Pursue Jobs in IT & Engineering


After engineering candidates are equipped with a skill to offer their services. A job in IT industry is the most viable option. A vast number of jobs in InfoTech domain are created every year, bringing in the demand for candidates with potential and skills.

Software development, hardware engineering, system maintenance, data & document management, tech support are some of the common job profiles available for IT graduates.


Pursue Jobs in Other Verticals


If you don’t know what to do after engineering, chances are that you do not want to pursue the IT career. Although not the best option, some candidates would pursue jobs in other verticals. There is no dearth of jobs for candidates with potential and attitude, and engineering grads are capable of doing well in other domains. There could be a compromise in salaries and perks, but that’s the price one has to pay. This is the best deal for students who do not want core-IT jobs.

Many organizations would rather have an IT graduate, than a normal graduate.


Become an Entrepreneur


To make an independent living is like pursuing a dream. Engineering graduates have taken pioneering steps to become successful entrepreneurs and run own independent business. This is one of the most challenging alternate career option, with highest risk, but also the highest rewards on success. It is well known that majority of business ventures fail, but the ones with great idea have good success rate.


Discuss with a Career Counselor    


Candidates can discuss their next moves with a knowledgeable career counselor. Career advisors are able to detect the natural inclinations of candidates and frankly advise them about the next plausible move. Be it further studies, job in a new vertical, or starting own business, speaking to a career counselor can be a reliable step with minimum risk.

After completing engineering studies you can also explore the area of your interests, and even explore your hobbies to a career option. If you are smart enough and know how to utilize or monetize your skills, you can explore a dream job that soothe your soul.

It’s common to find candidates with tendency to seek MBA degree after engineering school, and equip themself to pursue niche professions like Analytics, Operations, Logistics and ITeS. We would advise the same to candidates who don’t know what to do after engineering.

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