We have all heard about how artificial intelligence (AI) is going to shape our future and even our jobs. Machine learning is a core part of machine learning and various companies have already used it to automate their processes. If you want to understand machine learning in depth and how a certification in this area is going to help you if you are a data professional, this article is perfect for you!


This article will cover the following points:


What is machine learning?


The term was first coined by Arthur Samuel in 1959. According to the definition provided by SAS, “Machine learning is a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building. It is a branch of artificial intelligence based on the idea that systems can learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention.”


To put in short, machine learning is the ability of a system to adapt to new data independently and make data-driven decisions rather than perform a certain task. They learn from the data they get, grow and develop themselves. Though machine learning algorithms are present for a long time, the ability to calculate complex data and recognise pattern quickly has been a recent development.


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What are the advantages of machine learning?


Machine Learning offers numerous benefits to any business in any division. Let us look at some of the advantages it offers over manual method of data analysis:

  • High-speed processing with real-time analysis – Machine learning can operate a higher level than normal data analysis processes. The ability to learn and analyse real-time data can help organisations to optimise their services and marketing campaigns better, leading to higher conversion and revenue rates. With machine learning, it is possible to understand in real-time if any existing customer is susceptible to defect to a competitor and provide offers optimised to retain him/her.
  • Improve customer segmentation – It is a tough task to segment customers according to their preference and to understand what will be their buying value in the long term. However, with machine learning, it is possible to analyse the purchase history of a customer and understand a person’s buying behaviour. This enables a company to make efficient customer segmentation and improve the probability of conversions.
  • Customer-based product recommendation – Nowadays customers drive product development rather than products driving customers. With the help of machine learning, one can understand what customers want by identifying the behaviour pattern grouped by similar type of products. This way companies can motivate customers to purchase by providing better recommendations.
  • Improve medical diagnosis and predictions – In the recent times, machine learning has already proved that it can provide a higher rate of successful diagnosis and predictions than the methods that are in current use. It can analyse through a large number of patient records, go through the symptoms and find out underlying information. This can lead to better medical facilitation at minimal costs.



Why should you go for a certification course in machine learning?


A certification is always helpful in getting a better job opportunity and can help you in various other ways, like:

  • You can improve your resume with a mention of a certification. This helps recruiters to filter out potential candidates for interviews.
  • It is in high demand. Many organisations who are using data analytics to improve their business look for professionals who are skilled in machine learning.
  • You can earn above average salary in data analytics industry. Various companies offer the best-in-the-industry salary to professionals who have extra skills like machine learning.
  • A certification can be considered as a confirmation of your skills and that you are a professional who is able to perform your role well.


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What are the top machine learning courses?


There are various machine learning courses in Naukri Learning, which can help you in your career:

  • Post Graduate Program in Data Science and Machine Learning – This classroom training course is a joint program of the University of Chicago Graham School and Jigsaw Academy. This integrated course is aimed to provide candidates with the required skills to become job ready.
  • Machine Learning PG Certification Program – This machine learning course has been designed by SP Jain School of Technology and offers comprehensive skills to work as a data science professional.
  • Machine Learning Advance Certification Training – The course offers advanced level training in machine learning. It covers both supervised learning and unsupervised learning, covering various algorithms associated with it. It is perfect for professionals who have some knowledge of data science.


You can become a skilled data science professional and improve your job prospects with a course in machine learning.