There are various types of marketing strategies that exist, depending on the industry and the organizations in that industry. The success or a failure of an organization is a direct result of an efficient or not so efficient marketing strategy. In order to win market share and stay active, one has to consider marketing strategies that fit the company product and help grow the brand.  Whether B2B or B2C business, this article will help you discover the best strategies to deploy for your business.

Top Most Effective Marketing Strategies:

Transactional Marketing

A business strategy that emphasizes on single, Point of sale transactions, Transactional Marketing can be difficult for the dealers that have to constantly sell products in high volume to customers. The other kind of marketing that is similar is relationship marketing, which highlights long term relationships which eventually lead to sales. The Transactional approach is based on the elements like Promotion, product, pricing and placement.

Word-of- Mouth Marketing

The passing of information from one person to other, Word-of- Mouth Marketing is actively encouraged or influenced by companies. It is the best way to get the brand known. Consumers always like to share the brand they love, their products and services. For that, company needs to give customer a reason to talk about the product. It is one of the oldest types of marketing which can be developed through a marketing education program.

Viral Marketing

Any marketing technique that encompasses sites or users to send marketing message to other websites, Viral Marketing is an effective stand-alone tool used by small and large organizations.  Some techniques for efficient marketing are creating videos, social outreach, allowing easy sharing and downloading and a valuable service and product for free. Getting consumers talking about your services is vital to developing awareness for your business.

PR Marketing

This type of marketing focuses on maintaining the good reputation of the organization in media. The aim of the PR seniors is to get their clients or employees come in the eye of media. In scores of cases, where things go wrong, an excellent marketing strategy is significant. PR officers also act as a representative in public when their companies require a statement or comment. Besides the benefits, PR is not enough to boost your organization’s revenue.

Direct Marketing

A very effective strategy to share information about a product or service, Direct Marketing is famous and widely used to contact customers and potential customers. It can take oodles of forms like emails, telephone calls, mail, brochures and coupons. One of the key challenges that direct marketing goes through is overcoming the picture of spam/mail. The solution to this problem is targeting a campaign with an exact database helping decrease advertising budget.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media websites like Twitter and Facebook tender a chance for savvy businesses to invest in customer engagement.  Using this strategy for business can improve your brand presence and entice new customers on media platforms.  It primarily covers activities like videos, images and content for social media advertising.

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Cloud Marketing

People now can shop everything online from clothes, gadgets to cars, Cloud Marketing includes all of an organization‘s online marketing efforts. The main online retailer like gets consumers to buy in a digital library which is available in the consumer’s online account.

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Mobile Marketing

Designed for delivery to smartphones and other handheld devices, Mobile Marketing renders customers with customized information that encourages ideas, services and goods. Mobile is here to stay and 80% people spend time on mobiles devices.

There is an array of Mobile Marketing strategy to try:

  • In-game mobile Marketing
  • Location-based Marketing
  • Mobile Search ads
  • Mobile Image ads
  • App based marketing

Local Marketing

Also referred to as neighborhood marketing, Local Marketing takes many forms and contact customers via mail, local team sponsorships and in-town events. It allows an organization to develop a customer base in the proximity of the business’s location.  It uses a wide variety of strategies to build awareness in a neighborhood.

Guerrilla Marketing

An advertising strategy to promote products and services with little budget, Guerrilla Marketing relies on unconventional marketing strategy. It takes the audience by surprise creating abundant amounts of social buzz. This strategy aims to hit the customer at a more personal and memorable level.

Content marketing

A strategic marketing approach emphasizes on creating unique, relevant and consistent content to draw people and retain potential customers to drive profitable customer action.  It can get you increased sales, better consumers who have loyalty and cost savings. Despite of what type of marketing you use, content plays a great role in all sorts of marketing. The secret of content marketing is adding value.

E-mail Marketing

One of the main types of marketing, Email Marketing directly impacts search engine rankings which can be extremely effective.  Scores of B2B marketers depend on email marketing as the main passage to connect with audience.

A few of the aspects that can be used for a better marketing campaign are:

  • Pictures and searchable content
  • Generating new leads
  • Subject line
  • Pre header
  • Hyperlinks

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These are some of the ways for your company to create value and ultimately thrust your performance.

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