Top 40 Frequently Asked Marketing Interview Questions Answers

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Are you afraid of what type of questions will be asked in a marketing interview? It is normal for everyone to be intimidated by interviews and when there is cut-throat competition in the field, it makes it even more difficult. This article will help you to be prepared for some of the important questions that are asked in a marketing interview.

Different industries have different marketing interview questions that are focussed on the work. However, most of the questions that are asked have a common theme about how well you know your marketing basics and core processes that are involved in it. Usually, the questions fall into three different categories:

  • Skill-based questions
  • Situational questions
  • Interpersonal/Personality questions


Skill-based questions


These questions determine your technical knowledge of marketing are the most important ones:


Q1. What are the 8 Ps of marketing?


Ans. The 8 Ps of marketing are – product, place and time, price, promotion, process, physical environment, people, and productivity and quality.


Q2. What is your expertise – B2B or B2C?


Ans. If you are interviewing for a B2B profile and you have only worked in a B2C profile, be sure to show how you can transfer your skills in that area to the current situation.


Q3. Name 5 essential elements of a marketing campaign


Ans. The five essential elements of a successful marketing campaign are – 1) the target, 2) the value proposition, 3) the call-to-action message, 4) the delivery method and 5) the follow-up.


Q4. What are the marketing channels that you have experience working in?


Ans. This question is to test your knowledge in the marketing channels that you have worked with. So, do not just mention the channels but describe how you used them to deliver successful marketing campaigns.


Q5. Are you familiar with any analytics platform? What are the platforms that you used in your previous job?


Ans. Mention the platforms that you have worked with and how it has helped in your marketing plans.



Q6. Can you give us a customer trend that is happening in our industry right now?


Ans. This shows how prepared you are for the interview. Before going for the interview, go through the industry news and understand what are the current trends and customer insights.


Q7. How did you measure the impact of a successful campaign for a product that you marketed?


Ans. Describe the metrics that you fixed before starting the campaign and how you measured those metrics. Explain how you analysed those metrics and turned them into meaningful patterns which showed the impact.


Q8. What can be the best approach to increase website traffic?


Ans. We can achieve this by various ways –

  1. Ensuring good user experience
  2. Building referral traffic
  3. Performing on-page SEO
  4. Targeting long-tail keywords
  5. Using landing pages


Q9. What are some useful digital marketing tools?


Ans. There are a range of free digital marketing tools available to streamline the everyday management of a website, including –


  1. Google Analytics
  2. Keyword Planner
  3. Alexa
  4. Rank Watch
  5. Kissmetrics
  6. SEMrush
  7. HootSuite
  8. MailChimp
  9. BuzzSumo
  10. Moz Learning Center


Q10. What are the limitations of online marketing?


Ans. There are certain limitations of online marketing, major being –


  • Online marketing requires money
  • Chances of cyber attack prevail
  • Requires time to generate results
  • Takes time to build trust as compared to conventional marketing


Q11. What is Google AdWords Remarketing?


Ans. Google AdWords Remarketing is a Google service, allowing the companies and brands to target an audience who has already visited the given website. This is a methodology to drive traffic on the website and convert visitors into consumers.


Q12. What is a responsive website?


Ans. A website that offers an optimal viewing experience to the user with easy navigation and reading is a responsive website. It is created using responsive web design (RWD) and is compatible with the most popularly used web-browsers and mobile devices.


Q13. Do you have any idea about AMP?


Ans. AMP is the abbreviation for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is a joint project of Google and Twitter for making fast mobile pages. It is an open source initiative, which is lightweight and fast to load.


Q14. What is Keyword Streaming?


Ans. Keyword streaming is a popular SEO methodology that is used to draw extraordinary traffic draw to the websites. In this method, popular keywords are further optimized to maximize the reach.


Q15. What is the use and importance of anchor tag in SEO?


Ans. Anchor tag is a clickable text on a hyperlink. It helps to create a link that has a relevant text on website/webpage. It should be relevant to the page you will be linking to. A proper use of an anchor text helps a linked page to rank for the particular set of keywords on search engines.

Q16. Name popular PPC tools.


·         Ahrefs
·         Campaign Watch
·         iSpionage
·         Search Monitor
·         Semrush
·         SimilarWeb
·         Spyfu
·         Wordtracker


Q17. How do you use social media for marketing?


Ans. Well, social media can be used very smartly to drive traffic and expose brands on the social platforms. We may attract more users to our brand by posting quality posts, images, videos and other stuff. Besides, paid marketing is another approach that can help to attract users to the website. However, this involves money, but the results can be attractive, with increased page links and improved website visits.


Q18. Can you take up social media marketing for B2B businesses?


Ans. Yes, but the approach will be different for B2B marketing. In B2C, businesses may take this liberty to share humorous as well as informative posts, but for B2C, only valuable industry content can be shared.


Q19. What is Content Marketing?


Ans. Content marketing is a strategy to create and share valuable content across different platforms. It aligns business and consumers, and a quality content can attract and convert a visitor to consumer.

Q20. Are keywords important in Content Marketing?


Ans. Keywords play the most important role in drawing traffic to a particular website. Without keywords, one cannot get the desired ranking and traffic. The usage of keyword should optimal and at the right place. SEO and content marketing are impossible without keywords.


Q21. What are the metrics of measuring social ROI?


Ans. It can be measured through analytics. The basic rules are calculating the number of likes, clicks, shares, etc. Conversion measurement tool and Optimized CPM (oCPM) on Facebook are important measures for social ROI.

Q22. How will you boost Facebook reach?


Ans. There are various ways to improve Facebook reach, some of the most popular are –


  • Optimizing the content to attract users and improve engagement
  • Building organic traction by allowing the ads to performs for up to 24 hours organically
  • Prioritizing audience engagement by replying on posts or on users’ queries
  • Amplifying the organic reach with paid ads or posts


Q23. What is Quality Score?


Ans. Quality Score is an estimate of Google, based on which the quality and relevance of the keywords and PPC ads are evaluated on the score of 1 -10. Quality Score defines the quality of keyword compared to Ads, Ad text, and Landing Page.


Q24. What factors affect the Quality Score?



  • Relevance of keywords and ads
  • Landing page quality
  • Click Through Rate (CTR) of the keyword
  • Historical account data


Q25. Where should you place your keywords for better website ranking?


Ans. For better ranking on search engines, keywords should be placed in –


  • Title
  • Meta tag
  • Website URL
  • Headings & sub-headings
  • Web page content

Situational Marketing Interview Questions

These marketing interview questions are asked by interviewers to measure how you will perform under different circumstances.

Q26. If a customer left a negative review on a website or an online platform, how will you respond to the customer?


Ans. When a customer leaves any negative review, the best way to respond is to make the customer feel important by addressing the problems he faced. This will, automatically, make the customer feel connected and will be delighted by the support he received, leading to a positive feedback.


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Q27. You have a marketing funnel of 10000 potential customers, 1000 leads and 50 conversions, out of which only 10 are new customers. How will you plan your marketing campaigns and focus on which part of the marketing funnel?


Ans. The best answer would be to focus on getting new customers, the second important part of your marketing campaigning would be getting more leads and if you could afford more resources, you can focus on improving the conversion process.


Q28. Gives us an example of a successful campaign you ran and how you did it?


Ans. Explain a campaign which has performed extremely well due to your innovativeness and the techniques you used to achieve it.


Q29. If you are tasked with the branding campaign of a new product, how will you do it?


Ans. Tell the interviewer how you have handled such campaigns before and what are the ways you did like creating a new tagline, a logo and how you connected with the targeted audience.


Q30. How will you market a product if your budget was reduced to half?


Ans. Explain to the interviewer how you will try innovative ideas and focus on the best ways to increase the efficiency of your marketing campaigns.


Q31. What are the aspects you look while launching a product?


Ans. Launching a product is all about timing, market and creating a vibe. There should be a good build-up to promoting the product before its launch so that the interest in the market is captured. Also, the timing should be perfect so that it does not have to compete with a newly-launched similar product.


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Q32. Have you ever changed a customer’s perspective of a product that you marketed?


Ans. Tell the interviewers about any of your marketing campaigns which changed the way customers viewed the product and helped in improving the sales.

Interpersonal/Personality Questions

Enough of these marketing interview questions, the interviewers will now be interested in your personality, and they may get to know through these questions.

Interviewers get to know about you and your personality through these questions.


Q33. What is the best thing you love about marketing?


Ans. Doing a job without loving it is not a healthy thing. Through this question, the interviewer checks how much passionate you are about marketing and the value that you can add to the organisation.


Q34. What type of management style do you prefer?


Ans. Marketing is usually a combination of creative and analytical skills. Your preference should be such that it gives enough room for creativity while being diplomatic in certain situations.


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Q35. How has your role evolved in your current organisation?


Ans. Through this question, the interviewer wants to know how much you have learned in your current role and if you are someone who is eager to learn new skills.


Q36. How important do you feel to communicate with the sales or product team?


Ans. Communication is a prominent aspect of marketing. You should not only communicate effectively with your customers but also within your organisation, with the product and sales team. This way, you will gain a better knowledge of the product and also understand how your marketing campaigns are working for sales.


Q37. What is your significant achievement till now?


Ans. Talk about only the achievements related to marketing field and your profile in order to show that you will bring the same success to the organisation you are interview for.


Q38. What is your least favourite part of your current job?


Ans. This is where you should have the art of taking something negative and making it positive. E.g. you can say you hate the idea of manually pulling data, so you automated the process in order for it to become easy for you.

There are a number of other questions which can be asked but the above list should be enough to get you started. You can take up a course to improve your skills in marketing. Naukri Learning offers a variety of online courses in marketing which will help you get the right skills and earn a better salary.


Q39. What are your salary expectations?”


Ans. You should do a complete market research before appearing for the interview. Suggest a figure that goes correctly with your experience, the job profile and your current salary. You can also offer a salary range and leave a room for negotiation, but never bargain. You need to understand your market worth and shouldn’t settle for the number you are not happy with.


Q40. Tell me something about you that is not mentioned on your resume.


Ans. Therefore, it’s the time for you to relax and gear up for a not-too-formal conversation with the interviewer. Reply smartly; do not get indulged in family talks with your interviewer. The best way you can reply to this question is by citing some of your personal achievements or something that is related to your work profile. You can share about a strength, or you can talk about things that motivate you. You can also share a story that reveals something great about your accomplishments.

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