Applying for jobs in technical positions without any luck? Do not blame your luck or technical skills; it can just be your resume which is not good enough. When it comes to applying for a technical position, you need to impress the hiring manager with your technical skills with the first chance that you get. The first chance is when you send your resume while applying for the job. Writing a technical resume does not come easily to everyone. You need to understand the format and the right keywords that will trigger the interviewer’s attention on your resume.


A Technical Resume shows the potential employers the right skills and knowledge in specific technical areas. Writing a resume is a tedious and very often, a boring activity. But, it is important and your career depends on it. Do not know where to start or how to write? Here are some points that will help you to write a technical resume:


1) Let’s Get Started: Summary


The hardest part about writing a resume is the start. “Should I start directly with my skills or give an introduction about myself?” This is a question that often arises one anyone who is writing a technical resume for the first time. The best option is to be safe and start a technical resume in a similar fashion as that of a normal resume.

Start the resume with a summary of your professional life. This is to give a brief idea about your career objectives in the future, your skills and an introduction to your professional experience. If you are working as Graphics Designer and you show that your career objective is to be a programmer, then no matter how awesome the rest of the information is, it is going to be a disaster.

Objectives or summary should be brief; around two to three lines. The interviewer or hiring manager should understand that you are a good match for the position from the first line of the summary/objective. Here is a good sample to help you:

Technical Resume


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2) Professional Experience


This section in a technical resume is the biggest deciding factor. Most hiring managers or interviewers call a candidate for an interview based on this information. Good professional experience in the field which you are applying is a big game changer for you in terms of the competition with other candidates.

The professional experience section should be impressive and for it to be impressive, it needs to be written properly. Just writing down your work is not impressive. Accomplishments or achievements in your professional life are impressive. Did you cut your team’s production time with your strategy? This is what achievements are.


3) What’re Your Qualifications?


The next information that any interviewer would be interested in is your educational qualifications. Most of the technical positions require candidates to have a bachelor’s or master’s degree on that subject or area of expertise. Thus, it would be extremely helpful for interviewers to shortlist the potential candidates. You can also add any diploma or equivalent courses in this section which is relevant to the job profile.

Always remember the order of your educational qualifications while putting it on the resume —your recent education should be always on the top. If you are currently pursuing an education, put that on the top; even if you have not completed it.

 Technical Resume1


4) Flaunt Your Skills


Skills are those that make you a better professional and decide your competitive level in from of other candidates in an interview. The more skills you have the better chance of getting a good job or a position. As you are writing a technical resume, it is obvious that you need to add only technical skills in it.

When you are applying for a certain position, highlight the skills which are relevant to that position tactically. This will get the attention of the interviewer on the skills that are looking for in a candidate. Also, group your technical skills according to the categories they fall under. Here is a sample to help you:


Technical Resume

5) Certifications


A certification is to a professional as a medal is to a soldier. It shows that you are a veteran or a hardened player in that field or area. Nowadays, with so much competition in the job market, a certification is like a medal pinned to your resume. It helps your resume to shine brightly among others. If you do not have any certifications, you can always get one; with the help of online learning, you better the chances of getting a good certification that is accepted globally and is in demand in the industry.


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A technical resume should always be highlighting your technical abilities for the position. However, it should not hide your soft skills. You may have impeccable technical knowledge, but, if your resume is full of grammatical errors, it will still look like a bad resume.

When you are applying for job online, use keywords connected to the job profile in your resume. Most companies nowadays use resume sorting tool to get the best-fit candidates. Using keywords will improve your chances of landing a job interview. Apart from that, follow the above tips and get an eye-catching resume.


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