An object oriented programming language, Python is used everywhere from back-end web servers to front-end development and everything in between. It is named after British comedy group Monty python. Its high-level build in data structures mixed with data binding make it very attractive for use as a scripting language.

If you are completely new to programming, you might be looking for complete information on how to get started with python. Don’t fret, it’s not hard for beginners to learn and use.  However, learning any language would be a difficult task until you come across the right places and people to guide you better.

In this article, we are going to discuss what is the best way to learn python.

How does Python work?

Python is interpreted and has a structure of a classic compiler. It runs directly from the source code and converts the code into an intermediate language. You can compile your source with the help of compileall module. The best way to see how python works is by running the python interpreter and type the code into it.

Features of Python

Designed to be highly readable, Python is a powerful and exciting programming language compared to scheme, Java and Ruby. Some features of Python are:

  • Supports object oriented programming with classes and multiple inheritance
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Supports scores of programming tasks like searching text with regular expressions, modifying files and connecting to web servers
  • Code can be grouped into packages and modules
  • No need to bother about low-level details when writing programs in python
  • Contains advanced programming features like list comprehensions and generators
  • Runs everywhere encompassing Windows, Unix and Linux
  • Provides interfaces to all major commercial interfaces

Though there are many certification programs to get enrolled into, this article will quickly help you to get started with python.

Learn the basics

Gain a basic understanding of programming terminologies. If you are self-learner, you can go for python online tutorial and E-learning courses. You will know variables, statements, loops and functions in python.  The basic syntax for python is:

learn python

Type the following text at the python prompt and press enter:

python basic

Another example of python program to calculate the average numbers in a given list.


User must first enter the number of elements which is stored in the variable n

The value of I ranges from 0 to the number of elements and is incremented each time after the body of the loop is executed.
Then, the element that the user enters is stored in the variable elem.
a.append(elem) appends the element to the list.
Now the value of i is incremented to

The new value entered by the user for the next loop iteration is now stored in elem which is appended to the list.

The loop runs till the value of i reaches n.
sum (a) gives the total sum of all the elements in the list and dividing it by the total number of elements gives the average of elements in the list.
Round (avg, 2) rounds the average upto 2 decimal places.
Then the average is printed after rounding.

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Learn from professional Python developer

The content on e-books tends to be more technical. It would be best option for beginners to learn this beautiful language from a professional python developer. He/she will deliver hands-on experience based python training. You can either go for paid training or live online classroom courses from your very own python developers. If you are one of those who first started with C or perl and worried about a whole host of languages used in python, don’t worry as it is easy to learn.

Learn python the hard way

There is an array of high quality e-books available online. Choose from the best options to learn programming for beginners and advanced python users. You will come across amazing links and options, but try to find the latest version and focus on learning something every day. If you already have a good knowledge of programming, then these books will be a good resource for you.

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How to install and run python in Windows?

how to install python

Whether you are learning for a new opportunity or starting something of your own, Python is no doubt that will push you to great heights.

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