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Top .Net Interview Questions Answers

.NET is among the most powerful frameworks to create a range of applications for Windows Desktop, Web applications, Windows Phone applications, Windows Store applications, Windows Server, Windows Azure (cloud) as well as Bot frameworks and cognitive services. .NET has proved to be an ever-growing employment segment that requires skilled professionals who can handle the task of creating applications efficiently. This write up lists some of the most commonly asked .net interview questions, which will help you to succeed in a .NET interview. Q1. What is .net? Ans. .Net is a software framework of Microsoft for developing the applications on Windows. It is similar to other software development... Read More

Top 20 Web Developer Interview Questions & Answers

Appearing for interviews can be intimidating and if you are underprepared, you can be overwhelmed and lose confidence in front of the interviewer. If you want to be successful in a web developer interview, you need to prepare for the commonly-asked questions. This article will provide some of the frequently-asked questions. Web development is an important job profile in the age of internet and there are many big organisations which look to hire the best professionals. As a web developer, you should have good understanding and proficiency in all the popular web technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. There are various professional online courses in web development to gain those skills.... Read More

5 Latest Web Development Tools that you must know!

The process of developing a website for the World Wide Web i.e. internet and private network i.e. intranet is panoramically known as Web Development. It usually expands from the development … Read More