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Ansible Interview Questions and Answers

Ansible is an open-source automation tool used for application deployment, configuration management, and cloud provisioning. It automates the entire IT environment to simplify complex tasks and make developers’ jobs easy and manageable. It also works on IT orchestration, where we can run tasks in sequence and create a chain of events that appears on different servers or devices. Ansible is growing faster than other automation tools. Let’s see some of the advantages of using Ansible: It is a free and open-source tool It is a simple tool to set up and use It helps to model highly complex workflows We can customize the whole application according to the need   This... Read More

PHP interview questions and answers

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is a general-purpose programming language used for web development. It can perform any task related to server-side programming. A PHP file consists of PHP tags, and it ends with the extension ".php." PHP code can be embedded into HTML code. It can also be used with a web content management system, web frameworks, and web template systems. PHP is a simple language to work on, even a new user can work on it. At the same time, it offers multiple advanced features for professional developers. We can develop efficient codes using its distinctive features. Being a popular programming language, many organizations look out for skilled and experienced... Read More

Top Jenkins Interview Questions with Answers to Crack Interview in 2...

Be it monitoring the repeated task during a development project or identifying the errors or bugs in the initial stages of product development, Jenkins has emerged as a popular tool for every software development company. Thus, it is not a surprise that when you appear for a DevOps interview, the interviewer can ask you questions related to Jenkins. Therefore, to help you crack the upcoming interview round, we have listed the most frequently asked Jenkins interview questions along with answers. This basic to advanced Jenkins interview guide will be useful for both fresher and experienced professionals. Also, these questions are prepared with the help of DevOps experts who have experience of... Read More

25 Frequently Asked Node.js Interview Questions in 2020

With evolution of JavaScript, the phase of web development is ever-evolving. The originator of Node.js Ryan Dahl aimed to create something called ‘real-time website with push technology.’ With this concept, Node.js brought a significant shift in web development. Being one of the most commonly practiced server-side technologies, Node.js is recognized as “the most exciting single piece of software in JavaScript universe.”   Node.js has attracted millions of web developers as this language helps several companies in developing agile and robust web applications. That is why skilled, proficient, and certified Node.js developers are in high demand. Some of the reasons for a surge... Read More

Top Android Interview Questions & Answers

Android is a mobile operating system (OS) by Google. Released under open-source license, the OS is based on the Linux kernel and is designed primarily for smartphones and tablets. It … Read More

Top Core Java Interview Questions and Answers

Java is the most popular platform in today’s competitive world. Whether you are a fresher or highly experienced professional, Java opens up endless opportunities and benefits. Time is changing and so is the round of java interview. You can brush up your skills by choosing the most popular certification in Java. This article will give you a chance to do well in job interviews. Here is the huge list of core java interview questions and answers that should be in your to do list before appearing for an interview. Q1. What are the different types of memory areas allocated by JVM? Ans. Stack Class Program counter register Native method stack Heap Q2. What is a class loader? Ans.... Read More

Top C Programming Interview Questions and Answers

C is the most popular language worldwide. It is the middle level language developed by Dennis Ritche in the early 1970. The course includes definitions of common bugs that appear in the C programming and know how to avoid them. It will help applicant excel at job interviews for software companies. So, spend a few hours on the course to gain definitive edge over the peers. These C programming interview questions and answers will help you to improve your chances of getting a job: Q1. What is C programming? Ans.  C is a high-level and general-purpose programming language. It is the simple and flexible language used for a variety of scripting system applications, which form a significant part... Read More

Top IOS Interview Questions and Answers

Are you preparing to break into a career as iOS developer? If yes, ease the stress and brush up on some of the skills you haven’t used in a while - you are all set to go. The demand for iOS developers is expected to shoot through the roof due to adoption of iOS devices. Let’s take a look at some of the top frequently asked iOS interview questions and answers which will be a great self-test if you are seeking some practice for your IOS interview. Q1. What is ARC? Ans. ARC (Automatic Reference counting) is a compiler level feature that defines the process of managing the lifetime of objects in objective-C. Q2. Define Bundle ID? Ans. Bundle ID is used for both OS X apps and iOS.  It... Read More

Top AngularJS Interview Questions & Answers

AngularJS is a JavaScript open-source front-end web application framework which can be added to an HTML page with a <script> tag. It is one of the highly-sought skills that employer’s … Read More

Mobile Application Developers: The Rising Stars

Mobile application development is the next big thing. Through mobile application development, handheld devices like PDAs, enterprise digital assistants or mobile phones can be equipped with advanced developed software.The desired & necessary … Read More