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Planning to study abroad? Here are five ways in which English Profic...

According to a recent survey, roughly 85% of international organisations use English as one of their primary working languages. And, over 80% of academic journals across the world are written … Read More

More Than Just A Process: 10 Tips For A Successful Performance Appra...

  Performance review processes may differ from organisation to organisation. However, the core methods on how to present your performance to the reviewer remain the same. This article will guide you on how you can make a great impact on your performance appraisal review. This covers the following topics: Importance of performance appraisal Why you should prepare for an appraisal Tips to have a successful performance review   The need for a performance appraisal review   We all want to make a difference and define our role in an organisation. Everyone wants to do well at work and get praised for their performance.  Though most companies like to evaluate... Read More

5 Essential Powerpoint Tricks – Change the way you present!

We all think we know MS Office Suite in & out, since we have been using it for ages. What we don’t know is, that it is just the “tip of the iceberg”. There are still numerous options that we never made use of and which can feed infinite ideas to the way we go about using these tool and make MS Office a whole new experience. Let’s learn PowerPoint design hacks for PowerPoint, which can unlock new potential for your presentations. TRANSITIONS:  Transitions help us chose the way next slide in PowerPoint will appear in a slide show. With various different options available, we can select the entry of the next slide as per content in the slide. For instance, making the audience... Read More

Create Your Own Mobile Application in 5 Simple Steps!

Mobile applications have become the de facto mode of using the internet on mobile phones for majority of the smartphone users in India. These mobile applications serve varied purposes in … Read More

Top Project Management Certifications Worth Considering

 Being certified as a project manager offers a right of way to distinction and opportunities.  Though it is a complex subject, if you are aspiring to become a project manager, … Read More

Top Benefits to Earn a Certification in PMP

Getting a PMP certification sets you apart and benefits you to implement in your own organization project.  Though the examination is complicated and requires a superb deal of preparation, but … Read More

Top Online Courses to Enhance Your Technical Skills!

 Online courses or e-learning is the buzzword today with more and more individuals understanding its need and the importance for enhancing their skills through these certifications. Continuous skill up gradation … Read More

What do Online Courses Have to Offer?

 Are you a technology person…one who is an ardent follower and believer of technology? One who prefers online stores than the brick & mortar ones?  One who does reservations online … Read More

Scrum Master Certification: An overview & process to accomplish...

Scrum Master CertificationScrum is a form of Agile software development but in a more communicating & enhanced manner. It is used in managing product development. Scrum encompasses a distinct & … Read More

Employed? Things You Must Continue to do Alongside a Job…

 We all love to stay up-to-date with technology by reading articles, buying new stuff, bringing energy back in our homes by refurbishing them, buying the latest car….Everything in life keeps … Read More