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Top IOS Interview Questions and Answers

Are you preparing to break into a career as iOS developer? If yes, ease the stress and brush up on some of the skills you haven’t used in a while - you are all set to go. The demand for iOS developers is expected to shoot through the roof due to adoption of iOS devices. Let’s take a look at some of the top frequently asked iOS interview questions and answers which will be a great self-test if you are seeking some practice for your IOS interview.   Q1. What is ARC?   Ans. ARC (Automatic Reference counting) is a compiler level feature that defines the process of managing the lifetime of objects in objective-C.   Q2. Define Bundle ID?   Ans. Bundle ID is used... Read More

5 Hottest Technical Fields for an Absolute Career Growth

Undoubtedly, technology is the most premium buzzword everywhere. There is a demand for people with excellent IT skills. The IT sector has seen a rise over the years. Now, you … Read More

Mobile Application Developers: The Rising Stars

  Mobile application development is the next big thing. Through mobile application development, handheld devices like PDAs, enterprise digital assistants or mobile phones can be equipped with advanced developed software. The desired … Read More