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Top Java Interview Questions & Answers

  Java is everywhere! Over 10 million developers across the world use Java to develop applications for 15 billion Java-supporting devices. Developers have been using it to create applications having … Read More

Top 50 JavaScript Interview Questions And Answers For 2019-2020

JavaScript is one of the most essential dynamic programming languages used to provide dynamic interactivity on any website. For those who are looking for a future in JavaScript, this JavaScript interview questions guide along with accurate answers will help you fetch a perfect job.   For Whom This JavaScript Question Answer Guide is Helpful?   This question and answer catalog is thoroughly prepared by examining the frequently asked JavaScript interview questions in multiple organizations. Anybody who is interested in JavaScript or is looking for a job requiring JavaScript programming language expertise will find this guide helpful. Some profiles are mentioned... Read More

Java Certification Questions and Answers

  Java programmers across the world keep wondering whether should they go for the Java certification? Will it help them to earn higher salary or secure a nice job? Here are some of the queries which are usually asked by the IT professionals before taking up Java certification, and their respective answers.   Why should I take up Java Certification?   An Oracle Java certification can help you to learn the structure and syntax of the Java programming language and verifies that a programmer can use Java for creating applications. Earning a certification certainly gives you an advantage over your competition. This knowledge is required by employers across... Read More

Python Vs Java – Which is better to learn

As a software developer, you may have many decisions to make when you are developing an app. From deciding the project budget to choosing the programming language, from usage of tools, platforms and frameworks to describing a set of rules that can be used to give various types of output, the process involves many complexities. When we talk about the languages, two most popular and powerful programming languages used by the software developers these days for developing a range of desktop applications and web applications, are Python and Java. Java was developed to help developers to build software with minimal implementation dependencies, whereas Python was designed for code readability.... Read More

Top Online Programming Courses

Are you interested in the IT industry and want to become a software developer or engineer? Want to be a part of your dream software company? This article will mention some of the top online programming courses that will train you to be an experienced software developer. Though you may have heard that there is a resource saturation in the IT industry, the demand for good programmers have never gone down. There are a lot of opportunities for software developers in the industry and if you have a certification or have experience in programming, you can start a wonderful career. There are a lot of online programming training courses online but it is difficult to know which ones are going to... Read More

Top Core Java Interview Questions and Answers

Java is the most popular platform in today‚Äôs competitive world. Whether you are a fresher or highly experienced professional, Java opens up endless opportunities and benefits. Time is changing and so is the round of java interview. You can brush up your skills by choosing the most popular certification in Java. This article will give you a chance to do well in job interviews. Here is the huge list of core java interview questions and answers that should be in your to do list before appearing for an interview.   Q1. What are the different types of memory areas allocated by JVM?   Ans. Stack Class Program counter register Native method stack ... Read More

Top J2EE Interview Questions and Answers

  J2ee provides a platform for deploying, building and developing web-based enterprise applications. It is a middleware technology pioneered by Sun Microsystems and a viable solution to meet all the … Read More